Monday, December 14, 2009

The Technohub

The late afternoon sun falls on the blades of grass. Its reflection shimmers after the lawn gets a burst of water from mechanical sprinklers. Droplets form on these evergreens. They glisten in mid-air before touching the ground leaving it moist to touch. And as I stroll at the back of the IBM building; while passing through the narrow catwalk which leads to Technohub Centre; As I look at the empty park where tree saplings hold a patch of soil together and catching a glimpse of the distant footbridge where a gentle stream flows underneath draining the tranquil lagoon at the heart of the complex; and where a man wearing a business suit passes by a lost applicant seeking his fortune elsewhere;

Is the exact moment where epiphanies transform one's perception of things.

The sudden mood shift at the workplace left me searching for ways to redeem myself. Blame it on complacency or lack of proper skills to pass the knowledge needed for the account. I failed and these past few days, something unsettling has reminded me of reality.


I will leave this entry free of rants and grudges. I will not dwell on the consequences awaiting me at work. There's no point defending my reasons of going all the way to Philcoa to pass an application which I may not take seriously in the end. I guess its all about soul searching. It's been a year since my resume passed from one recruiter to another.

The job application process lasted from noon to sundown. I made friends with fellow applicants and impressed some recruiters with my hidden communication skills. I say hidden for when drowned by fear and pressure, or when put down by self-made inferiority in front of someone superior, the commanding presence seen by the interviewer does not emerge to face the spotlight.

If there are any gains acquired from my job hunting activity today, it is from the words of wisdom parted by the lady who took care of my resume:


"I always believe that opportunities abound. It is up to us to open our doors and let them become part of us. The only thing we need is confidence to shake the order of things, and lets hope that when the dust settles, we might find ourselves in a better place than the one we left behind."

"I hope you will reconsider my offer for the voice position J."

"Your oral communication skills are fine. I don't find any serious lapses in grammar and you can express yourself well. With proper training, I'm sure you will do better."

"Please give me until Wednesday to decide on your application. I will consult my colleagues whether to include you on the shortlist or not."


Blinded loyalties take eyes away from the bigger world. How on earth did it slip off my head that my credentials are brimming with strengths that may put me in any outsourcing job I desire.

The power trip may just be a bluff, but with fresh insights I'll be bringing back from the IBM experience, a new path is open for me should I decide to tread a more financially secured life.

This is the beginning of the Stone Age.


blagadag said...

you got a new job? good luck, soulja!

Boying Opaw said...

Go go go!

Wala. Ganyan lang ako mag cheer.

anteros' dominion said...

tulad ng parati kong strong

dabo said...

it always takes time or taking time, not just confidence.. go as far as you can see and when you get there, you'll see farther. =)

and syempre isang malaking cheers!!!

at patugtugin ang celebration ni madonna today hehehe

all the best for you repa

gauxves said...

hello... i have full confidence in you... good luck on this endeavor :)

Galen said...


Thanks dude! Serious pursuit would come in God's time.

I still have to prove myself at work.


Siyempre, tahimik lang ang aking paggunita ng kaarawan ngayon.

Galen said...


Dapat hindi mo lang sa akin sinasabi yan. Hehe.


Thank you!


Wala pa po mommy. Stay put pa rin ako sa present company ko. :)

f. jordan said...

Birthday mo pala kahapon? Well, here it goes... Merry bullfrogish birthday.

Galen said...


Thanks Mister Bullfrog. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

aaaawwww... huwag voice.

pero kungsaan ka masaya, suportahan ta ka!

belayted hampey hampey bewtdey ulit!