Friday, December 11, 2009

Alicia Keys (First Part)

To describe how twisted this day was would be an understatement. For hidden beneath the veil of unfortunate events lie the redemption that would overturn the misfortunes we came across. Funny how life plays tricks to those unprepared. Because the moment someone asks how our day was, all we could say is that it was all about the keys.

Yes, the keys.

Here's what happened.

I was at the bank across the street at past one in the afternoon. Starting my day late, the plan was to put my earnings to my other bank, the bank that says "you're in good hands" with them. The queue wasn't as horrible like during the ordinary days and I was done with my business in less than an hour. Leaving the bank, I decided to check my balance at the nearby ATM machine. The plastic card slid in effortlessly only to be thrown out by the machine. I tried to force the card back, only to be rejected again

and again.

and again.

When I flipped the card over, I discovered its magnetic strip shredded.

"Fuck!" I grumbled. How could I check the balance with a torn ATM Card? Good thing it worked temporarily after smoothing down the damaged portion of the strip. Finally my balance soared by several thousand bucks.

I returned to the teller to have my card checked. After inspecting it for a couple of minutes, her better judgement reveal that it must be replaced. Getting my file from the steel drawer, the teller said that I need to update my banking details first before they could have my card replaced. The signature on my folio has evolved from the signature I use now. Its cursive strokes now more intimate than the loose knots I leave on documents eight years before.

With my personal details updated and the card finally replaced, (at a hefty price of 150 pesos, which I can claim after three banking days) I went to the barbershop to have my hair cut. Halfway through the razor's edge, I ran my hands over my pocket-less jerseys and realized something was missing. It wasn't my wallet for it was tucked under my boxers. Meanwhile, the cellphone was leashed around my neck. Clutching the loose coins on my right hand, it dawned to me that it was the house keys that were missing. Sheesh! Not only was our security compromised but how in the world would I enter the house late at night?

Mom would be furious if she finds out.

Tracing my steps back to the places I visited, I found the keys next to the teller where I placed my signature for card replacement. Good thing, nobody paid attention to the bunch of keys and I was able to reclaim them without any hassle.

I arrived home only to find my mom near the staircase. She's going to the supermarket to buy some groceries. Realizing that I could squeeze a new task before going to the gym, I told my mom to wait. I'd be using the car to drop by something that must be fixed before the Stone Age begins.

Sending an SMS Message to Rain Darwin, I asked if I could bring my computer to his shop and have it reformatted. I went to my room after receiving his approval. However, just when I was about to unplug the cords connecting the CPU from the power source, mom asked me to see her downstairs.

"Anak nawawala yung susi ng sasakyan," her voice had a tinge of annoyance.

"Tulungan mo nga maghanap si Jenny muna." She was referring to our lesbian driver.




anteros' dominion said...


wait ko yung second part

panalangin ko na sana kahit papaano mapasaya ka ng ibibigay kong regalo sa iyo para sa iyong kaarawan at nalalapit na pasko

blagadag said...

marami na akong aabangan. di pa tapos yung shopping na nag umpisa sa press pow at polar bear.

Herbs D. said...
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Herbs D. said...

astig. lesbiana ang driver niyo!

naniniwala ako na ang mga bagay na ganito ay hindi lamang nangyayari basta-basta. i wonder whats going to happen next.

had to delete my first comment. :-p