Friday, November 5, 2010

Flesh and Blood

Thrill clings in the air like smoke from a burning incense. One can almost smell the excitement. After a long wait, the nurse has just announced the utol's transfer to the delivery room.

"Naku wala na pong thirty minutes ito," she advised.

Those who were within earshot became restless. The brother-in-law suddenly disappeared. Mom had a hard time masquerading her anxiety, the in-laws were equally frantic.

They will become at last, certified grandparents.

The couple's visit was supposed to be a routine check-up, but they knew the baby was past overdue. Thirty minutes before noon, the doctor has decided it would be best for my sister to be admitted. D-Day has finally arrived. The brother-in-law immediately called my mom to seek counsel. Mom, in turn spread the news. I was at the office when the announcement came. Short of filing a half-day leave, the plan was scrapped upon learning that it would still take a full work-shift before the baby comes out.

Breathless, I left the building to return to the monasterio and give thanks to the patroness. The pilgrimage was also aimed at seeking some last-minute favors for the infant's safe delivery. However I too, was already smitten by the growing euphoria. Instead of taking the long route to the hospital, I took the short cut even if it meant walking along the crowded streets of Kalentong and Orosa just to get to Maddocs.

Mom was alone in the ward.

"Nasa waiting room na si Ryu. 4 cms. pa lang daw. Sabi ng doktor, mga 8-10 pm pa ang labas nung bata." she briefed

The long wait would be an eternity.

The clock tells its only 4:30.

I passed the time with an i-Pod and a browser-friendly phone to keep me company. The utol's husband was also there, but we seldom speak. That day, I decided to bridge the gap and become a brother to him. I even traded my mp3 player believing the exchange would allay our collective fears. It worked. Not only did I learn that we share the same taste in old-school alternative music, for the first time I realized he is indeed part of the family.

I even chose to stay despite the favorite aunt's invitation for me to rest in her condominium.

The hours swung by without anyone noticing the time. Before we could catch our breath and ready ourselves for the final push, the moment of arrival was already upon us.

Mom returned at past 7 after getting some things at home the couple will need for their stay. The dad-in-law came after six to throw his lot and boost the morale of his beleaguered son. His mom and sisters followed an hour and a half later. Tita Beauty showed up at past 8 with a cousin in tow. Together with the favorite aunt, they were the ones in the side of the family who will be there to share our joy. The couple's female comrade also came to cheer for the husband. She would represent the Left, where my sister and her husband found each other.

With the cast of characters nearly assembled, my mom decided to ask the nurses the condition of my sister.

"Anak, samahan mo muna ako sa chapel. Magdasal tayo," The matriarch pleaded.

The beads drop one after another as prayers were offered to the virgin. In our quiet reflection, I recalled my own coming almost three decades earlier. The cast of characters were also there. The only addition were the children - who would take the reigns from their parents a few years from now.

The infant, who is the first in the family was a unifier even in his time of creation: Two families found a common ground; two sisters set their differences to attend a historic wedding; even the aunt, who was the most upset over the "accident" found greater peace after becoming involved in the preparations. Somehow she knew - everyone knew - the bundle of joy is the sum of their love, attention and care they have given to the children - us.

For we are a dying blood. Two cousins are set to become old maids. One is a suspected non-straight, and I have no plans to give up my preference to fulfill my familial duties. Our lives are geared towards improving our fortunes and not raising families.

It will take a long time before another kid follows the first born. If fate would be as kind to him as to the rest of us, luck shines even before he gives his first cry.

"Nasaan po ang family ni Baby Lenin" Everyone who were drowned in their thoughts suddenly looked at the door.

"Pasok na po tayo sa loob, nililinis na lang po si baby..."
"Ay ang bilis naman,"  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At the back of my head,  I remember all the wrong moves I did in the past.  This is flesh and blood I will be seeing, my atonement, the closest thing I could ever have after simulating procreation with a guy many times over.

Looking at his face for the first time, my heart speaks, a part of me is reborn.


Nimmy said...

awwwwwwww. ang cute nya kuya joms! parang nagfle-flex sya oh. hihi. :D

congrats to your family!!!

Louie said...

Hangkyutkyut ng pamangkin mo Sir Mugen! Congrats to your family!!!

anteros' dominion said...

iba talaga kapag mayruong bata na bagong dating sa pamilya

MaginoongBulakenyo said...

Naks! naman si tito :)

Tiyak matalino rin bata na yan.

Soltero said... happy for you!

lucky nephew!!

odin hood said...

congrats tito!

Alter said...

a new family member that at some point, you may treat as your own. :)

blagadag said...

baby jom?

orally said...

sasabihin ko sana, anak na ang susunod after pamangkin eh may linyang ganito: no plans of giving up preference to fulfill familial duties.

lucky nephew nga.

P I L Y O said...

papa joms, sana magkaroon ka rin ng ganyan para tuturing kong nephew ko. hehehe.

alexmayo2007 said...

congrats! TIto Mugen!!!

Désolé Boy said...

gusto ko na magkaanak. chos! haha

Ms. Chuniverse said...


Gone are the 'kuripot' days.

Tito will pamper you big time!


hard2getxxx said...

cute baby!!! im sure magiging spoiled yan sa yo!!

gauxves said...

joms, congrats!

Yj said...

congrats ulit khoya.... yaiy

Mr. Supapalicious said...

Cute ng baby! CONGRATS SA INYO!

Guyrony said...

You my friend are an auncle.


daniel said...

Bongang bongang congratulations sis'! I know exactly how it feels to have ur first pamangkin : )

soon naririnig mo na to:

Tito joms! Tito Joms!

Congratsss again! : )

JR said...

hang cuuuuuuteeee! kanino kaya nagmana? syempre sa tito! congrats!

thecuriouscat said...

congrats sa inyo! ayan tito ka na

lee said...

yipeee! uncle ka na! congratulations =)

Xander C. said...

the baby is so cute...