Monday, November 1, 2010

Not By A Long Shot

A general assembly was convened to discuss the state of the company.  It was the boss who spoke, and everyone, who cared to know the future of their jobs showed up at the meeting.  The mood was somber. The bad news was already lingering before it became official.   Production was down last month and bonuses will get a massive cut.  Misfortune hits twice in less than a year and the training room - the place where new agents begin their journey in the company - has once again witnessed the breaking of spirits.

"Why are we here?" The Powerpoint presentation began.

The boss was stuttering as he delivered his report.  He explained that the crisis began early this year.  Several unforeseen events drove our clients from abroad to the brink of bankruptcy.  Some are facing legal charges because of their business practices.  In a business model that relies heavily on deceptive advertising, authorities will soon catch up; customers will realize they've been duped; and technology will become obsolete. Even the account I handle, the one I consider the least of all evils took the heaviest hit.

"We did our best to keep the company profitable."

From the wounding salary cuts to the expensive retrenchment a few months ago, the management did everything to save the company. Those who really needed the job were spared after half of the agents readily chose  "volunteer evacuation."  Exit payments were given, and the boss heaved a sigh of relief. The next month after the bulk left, the company finally experienced a break-even.

"But it was not enough."

Numbers began to appear on the projection screen. From hundreds of thousands of units sold last January, it was down to several thousands by mid-October. The numbers continue to plummet as of this writing. The account with the most number of agents suffered a 90 percent reduction in output. Obviously, the company cannot survive with these numbers. Drastic action must be taken before we all find ourselves with nothing. With Mami Athena watching from a distance, the boss delivered the climax of his report.

"We would like to inform you that from now on, work days will be slashed in half. Salaries will be cut and everyone will be affected. The crimson accounts will still get their bonuses, while the emerald accounts will receive none. Please understand that your output do not suffice to pay for your basic salaries "

For questions about your thirteenth month pay, it will not be affected. The work reduction would cover the month of November. Hopefully, things will begin to turn around by December."