Thursday, November 18, 2010



pwede magtanong? hehe. weight gain kasi yung goal ko, so kain lang ako nang kain. tapos yung program ko sa eclipse, 5x5. di rin ako nagcacardio kasi sabi sakin ng isang coach, wag daw magcardio kasi nasasayang yung nabubuild na muscles since nagpapalaki nga ako.

kaso napapansin ko, yung tyan ko mejo lumalaki napapaisip tuloy ako kung tama bang hindi ako nagcacardio? and i don't feel like the 5x5 program fits me. di ba strength training 'to? i hope someone sheds light on me coz i think i'm getting this all wrong. hehe.


systemofadown: Will get back to you after consulting your concern directly to Blakedaddy.


i try to eat 6 times a day. no fastfood (burger, fries, softdrinks, etc). pero pizza and pasta mejo madalas. so normal lang ba 'to? sabi rin sakin saka na raw ako magtrim down pag malaki-laki na ako.


Ayun naman pala eh. Try eating more vegetables and high fiber food. Didn't see this line, it was Blakedaddy himself who pointed out the problem.

First Contact, April 19, 2010 AP

We have been sharing the same workout thread at hindi ko man lang siya napapansin. It was he who pointed out na magkausap na kami dati pero hanggang forum lang. Ang suplado ko raw. Given that we quoted posts to answer each other's inquiries, I did not cross lines. I chose to keep things formal because we work out at the same gym.

I guess fate has its way of bringing people together. Wala pang effort yan. Just a few days after setting foot in my universe, he found my welcome message in his comment box - the first to recognize his presence. Nothing was ever planned or cooked up for us to get closer. I even avoided a meet-up, and preferred others to do my work.

But you know it the first time you set your eyes on a person. You cannot deny the spark or the possibilities that could grow between you. I do not know who started the fire at wala rin naman ang aamin, but that's it.

The rest is history.

Nahanap rin namin ang isa't isa.