Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The War Within

The body was able to withstand the brunt of the flu virus without the aid of antibiotics. No matter how my mom insisted that I should ask the favorite aunt for prescription, I decided to drown myself in water instead. The idea was to let the body heal itself. I don't want to partake my money to finance the pricey synthetic medication.

Fever had set in and persistent coughs were already hurting my chest. "Kapag nag-chills... or nawalan ng appetite, saka na ako hihingi ng tulong."  Those were my pronounced threshold.  Behind the tough stand was the imminent fear of being rushed to the hospital. Yet, I kept these anxieties hidden so as not to alarm anyone.

So I drunk jugs of water while keeping myself distracted. I installed Sim City 4 on my computer so as to soothe the pain by living a portion of my waking hours in simulation. I nearly overdosed myself with ascorbic acid to build up my resistance. Baabaa chipped in by cheering me up with his lovely sweet nothings.

Every glass of fluid became my army. Waves after waves of it tumbled to water down the phlegm. The big boss, which is the cold weather, was held back by thick clothing. I maybe half-naked but with a blanket to cover my skin, a fighting chance seems like a possibility.

It took me two days to recuperate. At times when it felt I couldn't make it, a silent prayer became my last thought. For when things happen beyond my control and I choose no one to share my burden, I turn to heavens for solace. It may not lead to a full recovery, but at least, the soul is comforted.

Monday kicked-off the new week. With a body still heaving from an illness and a persistent phlegm to spook me in the morning, I went to work proclaiming wellness is at hand.


dabo said...

kakaiba din talaga ang ka-adikan mo tito joms pagdating sa kalusugan mo. hehe.

take care and i'm gladto know the you are happy with kilig-kilig on the side hehe. so more reason for you to take care of yourself. cheers!

red the mod said...

The mind is strong. Homeopathy works well for those whose psyche are attuned to the dynamics of the physical envelope.

Of course, the heart has a lot to do with it, too. It nurtures you, and soothes the most pronounced of ills. You have a penchant for pushing your boundaries, I'm glad Baabaa tempers this.

In the end, we must heal our spirit first. The body will, it must, follow.

soltero said...

di baleng maysakit, meron namng magdadala sa yo ng soup or meron nmang magtetext ng "papa, how r u na? sana gumaling kna agad" bwahhahaha..

yun ang magbibigay sa iyo agad ng lakas..


(bka kc naambunan kayo or nahamugan kaka titig sa sunset ek ek bwahahahhaha ching)

hard2getxxx said...

Get well soon. ako naman fan ng sims hindi simcity

kasi pwede ko siya gawing malaswa at naglalampungan ang sims ko
xrated version hahahhaha

i have to agree with soltero ano ba yang sunset and darkness ek ek na yan sana magkaaayos kayo kung ano man problema niyo

eon said...

magpa-flu vaccine na! para wala na yang flu flu na yan.

Désolé Boy said...

ganito din ginagawa ko.
pills -instead of making me better, they just keep making me ill
get well po!

my-so-called-Quest said...

viral infection is self-limited. just rest, take more water and eat well. then you'll recuperate after few days. :D

get well soon! :D

Eternal Wanderer... said...

can i be your florence nightingale???

Ms. Chuniverse said...

ang landi ni Ternie...

ako, i can be your Dr. Zhivago.

Zhige na plsh!

i pramis i will care about you... and my job too.

jc said...

get well soon sir mugs! apiiiir!

Marhk said...

kwento mo naman paano ka inalagaan? hehehe

john stanley said...

get well soon, joms.

Sean said...

hey, pagaling ka. hinay hinay lang sa work (and play) baka mabinat.

orally said...

get well.

Mac Callister said...

maingat sa atay nya haha.get well soon...

Mu[g]en said...

Thank you guys for the well-wishes! :)