Monday, November 29, 2010

The Need To Discriminate

Circa 2001

The screening process goes something like this:

If you catch the founders' attention, they would set you for a one on one meet-up. A representative is sent to see you at an undisclosed location. In those days, friendly eye-balls remain an essential etiquette. SEBs were unheard of. Once the founders discover your lusty intention, your application will be revoked.

Meet-up lasts for an hour or two. It depends entirely on how deep your online ties with the representative. Body language is noted, as well as the applicant's manner of speaking. Any hints of effeminate behavior and the application will be dropped. Once the representative finds you likable, you will be sent for another round of screening. This time, one gets to meet the other members, as well as the founders themselves.

This was what the application form appears like:

contact in the group:
why do you want to join the group:

Everyone wants to belong, especially the ones who just came out of the closet. The feeling of finding a connection with a group who understands you was reason enough to reveal one's identity. In those days, only effeminates were gay and people were all bisexuals. To weed out the rest from the real straight-acting men, the group had to adopt extreme ways of segregation. This didn't go well with the other members.

The purist would dare say the screening was required for the group's protection. Despite their online presence, the members were still hiding from their straight friends and family. They too were afraid that flamboyant and effeminate behavior could spread among the members. An innocent swardspeak could lead to another, and with an effeminate around, the evolution would be hastened.

The group's reputation allowed it to grow beyond its ability to impose. The founding principles were too harsh for the new members to accept. Factions formed as the founders cocooned themselves with the original group. The screening would serve as an excuse for members to pair up. Opposing voices would divide the group apart. The purist were abandoned by members who were more tolerant than the founders.

The cycle went on, and straight-acting groups beyond the shores of IRC would also set themselves apart. It was the fear of becoming the stereotype - of being compared with Diego the pambansang bading and the gay entertainers on tv screens. It was the tukling against the paminta, and while remnants of the great divide still haunts the community today, the people are becoming more open than they used to a decade ago.

Discrimination is human nature tampered with changing attitudes. What is impossible today might be ordinary tomorrow. A century ago, women were denied the right to vote. Their place was at home to do house chores. Blacks were considered subhumans half a century ago. They were segregated like all dark-skinned people were.

Segregation runs against the idea of equality, which is human nature too. As people become enlightened, voices of opposition grow. The tide of openness would be too much to handle, capitulation is imminent. And so as much as there is inequality in the world, hope for a more tolerant society takes root. Same with the gay community, acceptance catches up discrimination.

The only question is, how long could we stomach the cruelties against our kind?

Circa 2009:

"Ate, kamusta na kayo ng jowa mo?"

"Heto, happiness, ikaw, sino boylet mo?"

"Single-singlelan ang beauty ko. Baka ikaw may referral."

"Gaga, hindi ako nagpapasa load no! Saka tagal na kaya namin ng boyfriend ko. Wala na akong kilalang iba."

"Ay ganun! O sha, pupunta ka ba sa birthday ni Marivic?" (Marvin)

"Hindi ko pa sure, ikaw ba?"

"Oo, punta ka na. Yung mga orig na kasama natin sa DM, nandun din daw!"

"Ay talaga! Gandara parks na rin kaya sila?

"Ma! Lets find out!"

"Corrected by, o sha, kitakits!"


Marhk said...

basta ako low profile lang kahit sino keri na!! bhruhahaha!!

mga sis, sisterets & teh ibaba ang kilay at maduduling ang mag roll eyes! lolzz

RainDarwin said...

Hmmmm... curious ako sa Circa na yan. Lalo na't member pala dun si MARVIN. ehem.

Pwede bang i-guest mo ko sa kanila one time?


claudiopoi said...

i think the entire thrust of the movement is to do away with the stigma. and in making this materialize, the traditional and orthodox beliefs of rigid gender prototypes and established stereotypes should be discarded as well.

what these people are doing is still subscribing to the established standards. how will the movement progress if its members are still subsumed under this antequated way of perceiving society and gender roles?

Mac Callister said...

ah ganun pala sa MIRC dati...thanks for the trivia!

Carabrant said...

Nag-mIRC din ako but I never joined any group. I was just a nomad back then, changing channels and handles from time to time.

Biruin mong may mga ganyan palang group group dati. Haha!

Mu[g]en said...


Oi talaga! Ilang taon ka nun? Lemme guess, sweet 16 ka non no? Hahaha!

Ask Arj, sabay kaming naligaw sa mundo ng MIRC.


Mas harsh ang mundo noon! Hindi tulad ngayon, higit na mas tolerant ang mga tao. Hehe.

Mu[g]en said...


It takes bloody revolutions to change social order. In time, and with patience, mindsets will eventually change.

The ones who used to screen aspiring members like me have become more flamboyant than the ones they had declined in the group.

Papa Pilyo:

Seryoso, gusto mong sumama sa iba kong grupo?

Papa Markh

Sigurado ko, nung mga panahong iyon eh kipay at nipples lang ng babae ang dinidilaan mo. Nyahahahaha!

soltero said...

ay magko comment ako pero not about this post, dun sa latest na ayaw ka magpa comment!!

KINIKILIG AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pawindow window shopping pa kaung 2 sa GB! ahahhaha (teritoryo ko dati yan years ago lols)

weeeeeeeeeeeee :P

my-so-called-Quest said...

like soltero dito ako magcocomment regarding latest post. hehehe.

ang sweet! ganyan talaga pag inlab! sarap dba? hehehe

claudiopoi said...

bakit hindi pwedeng magcomment sa bagong post mo?? bakeeeeeeeeeeet?

haha. anyway, gusto ko lang sabihin na ganun din ang nararamdaman ko everytime nagagawi ako sa greenbelt.

parang napapamukha sa akin na probisyano talaga ako. haha :)) kaya ume-SM nalang ako. mas realistic pa kasi. :))

Mu[g]en said...


Sagrado ang entry na iyon. Hindi puwedeng i-tamper ng mga comments. Nyahahaha!

Kung ikaw maka-SM, sus, magdi-Divisoria o Quiapo talaga ako. At home na at home pa.


Masarap pala ang malamig na hangin sa pisngi. Hahaha.


Ikaw na ang mahilig sa showbiz balita! Hmpft!