Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Special Request Granted

Monasterio de Santa Clara,
6:00 am 25, Octubre 2010

Sleeplessness didn't keep me from leaving the house and travel all the way from Santa Mesa to Katipunan for a pilgrimage.  The school precincts maybe opening in a few hours for the local elections, but seeking petitions for a favored candidate was not my intention.

A day before, utol had her baby shower at our family house in Paranaque. It was also a mini-gathering for the family since mom will be celebrating her 64th birthday, and the favorite aunt will be leaving the next day for a medical mission abroad.

She will be gone for 8 days.

Utol's pregnancy has come into fruition.  Nine agonizing months of mood swings and throw-ups, of endless check-ups and flare ups - we had to bear the firestorm for the sake of the child.  Mom was on the verge of giving up a few times, but constant reminder that she will become a lola soon had rubbed off her temper.

The ob-gyne gave the utol a week.  Little firstborn will come out at anytime.  The family is used to having the doctor around, but since the favorite aunt will be in Oceania, disquieted feelings surged at the fact that we would be alone should my sister go into labor.

Our elders taught us to rely on faith when in need of intercession.  Prayer works, they say, and when human intervention is not possible, thoughts of the creator becomes our solace.  We may have given up our religious leanings, but the move only made our faith stronger.  Having found my anchorage, I returned to my sanctum. The patroness has never let me down, and the small favor - for my sister not to go into labor while my favorite aunt is away - was the reason for my visit.

Nothing special happened that morning.   There were no dancing sun or burning bush appearing in front of me. I prayed at the guardhouse while a Eucharistic service took place inside the church. I find tailored celebrations discomforting. As the last of the Our Fathers and Holy Mary's drop from my lips, my heart was finally assured.

Everything will be alright

I felt the bliss whistling from the nearby tress, the gentle nudging of the wind, in silence finding its way into my troubled spirit.  For mortals such as we, a slice of peace is all that we need. I left the monastery to cast my vote and then went to bed at past 9 in the morning.

Eight days have passed.  Heaven has listened. Utol was even given the chance to drop by the cemetery to visit my dad who has gone home to heaven.  The favorite aunt's plane safely landed at the airport. She brought tales and lessons from her journey.

Centro de llamadas
12:34 pm, 03 Noviembre 2010

An SMS message:

"Gud pm. Manga2nak n c Ryu. For admission na."

Time to say hello to my nephew.
I wish someday, he would refer to me as his favorite uncle.


Anonymous said...

you are my favorite big bro.

alway 'was' and always 'will'


alexmayo2007 said...

congrats!!! tito Mugen....

jc said...

congrats angkel! hehe.

Aris said...

hello there, tito joms. congratulations! :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Based on my experience, being a tito is the next best thing to being a father.

Mas spoiled pa sa akin ang pamangkin ko.

Kaya be prepared, be very prepared! hahaha!

john stanley said...

i'm pretty sure, you're gonna be his favorite uncle.

after all, you're his only first-degree uncle. :P

congratulations for the newest blessing to your family.

P I L Y O said...

yeheyyy angkol na si papa joms!

Yj said...

hello there uncle!

Kryptonite User said...

One good reason to get up in the morning - to see the smile on your nephew's face when he sees you. Congrats Sir Mugen!

fox said...

naks!!!.. uncle na si papa joms.


Louie said...

Congrats! May little angel na kayo ngayon! I'm sure you'll be the favorite uncle! ^_^

Bloiggster said...

congrats sa family nyo lalo na sa sis mo! :)

Désolé Boy said...

yay! congrats tito!!

dr magsasaka said...


Usually, first borns exceed 40 weeks countdown.

MaginoongBulakenyo said...

Yehey!!! Congrats Tito Joms!

Mapapadalas na ang bisita mo sa Toys R Us at Toy Kingdom. :)

Soltero said...

Uncle Jomss!!! weeeeeeeeeee !!

congrats!! may iba ka ng pag ggastusan ngaun, kaya klangan mo tlaga yang mga raketship na yan hahha...


marhk said...

sissy......sarap ng may new baby sa bahay!

red the mod said...

A child born is a gift. It affords us the renewal we craze, brazen from years of desolate disappointments, of attempts at a future that seemed bleak and surreal. But a child erases all this, the smile he gifts us cleanses the pain sacrifice may have left.

You offered many prayers that pristine morning, some subconsciously, others in offing. May your nephew bring you the fortitude of familial ties, renewed and invigorating, and the clarity of patience to seek the path to realization.

That there is change in the winds, often blowing unbeknown, but sometimes with the eye-opening epiphany of a future more attainable, no less daunting, but much more accepting.

Maybe, you too, were born (again) that day. And in his birth, you found the angel unexpected. But, ultimately, welcomed, needed and auspicious.

Congratulations to utol.

Nimmy said...

congrats kuya mugen! wooot wooot! hindi kaya magkabukol ung baby kapag binuhat mo? bato bato katawan mo eh. hihi

orally said...

WOW! Congrats Mugen.
I am not that prayerful, although I still believe it works.

ahmer said...

congrats idol! hehe

gusto ko din magka pamangkin.
para may tumawag sakeng tito. hehe

: D

Hungry Beast said...

ang buhay nga naman hano, nakakatuwa talaga. ang daming twists, minsan kahit i-admit nating nakakasabay tayo pero ang totoo, hindi. pero ang blessing maski sumabay tayo o hindi ay dadating like ng baby na iyan.


daniel said...

Congrats! Perehas tayo tito na! nanganak narin asawa ng utol ko nung Last week ng October. Hehe. Congrats ulit Sis'

Anonymous said...

wala na si mam ophie, kapatid.