Friday, December 31, 2010

Triptych | Ciclo

I was already out of the office when I decided to stop by a sari-sari store to buy a stick of Marlboro. Next to the store was a red iron gate. Below the gate sat a mongrel quietly watching the world around it.

At first glance, the dog seemed to be part of the household. One might say that it got stuck out of the house and was waiting for its owner to let it in. The store attendant handed me a stick of Lights, and while waiting for her to return with a match stick, the dog stood up and walked past behind me.

I thought the mutt was about to walk away, but it turned back to return and lie next to the red iron gate again. I caught glimpse of its underbelly, which was sagging and full of dirt. Its stick-like legs gave an impression that it hadn’t eaten for days.

It would have been easy to shrug everything. After all, it’s just a fucking dog. I don’t even like dogs. But the thought that it had no owner, no place to call home and with its scrawny brow tail with trails of slick curving upwards, somehow reminded me that we have a pet companion at home. She has been with us for quite some time and despite my soft spot for the feline kind, the dog, Tootsie, even went as far as nurse the stray kittens I once adopted to gain favors.

I don’t know if it’s the spirit of the season but the sight of the mongrel in front of me made me think, deeply.

I’ve been known to give up some personal comforts for others simply because my heart said so. I may not find the reasons behind such urgings, but it felt good doing those deeds. Then I remember early last year, part of my bucket list was to “listen” and “discern” what the "self" thinks. Judgment fails from time to time, but I do get my occasional highs.

Then I made my decision.

“Miss magkano yung longganisa?”

“Kinse ïsang piraso.”

Searching my pockets, I found several coins and a twenty peso bill. The money was enough for an FX ride home.

The coming of Bentusi has allowed me to live an opulent existence lately. Though I have to work hard for every article I submit, the blessings cannot be denied.

And so I bought the piece of sausage and stood in front of the dog. The mutt, with its sharp sense of smell had caught whiff of the piece of meat dangling in front of it.

Shaking the plastic bag, the askal positioned itself in anticipation for the manna.

“As they say, you have to pass it forward.” The slab of meat dropped and the dog engorged it immediately.

Without even waiting for the mutt to finish the sausage, I left the spot with the low, wintry sun setting in the distance, satisfied that despite the wars I fought this year, I end up listening more and more to my ancient, compassionate “self”

This will be my final blog entry for 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

Triptych - A triptych (pronounced /ˈtrɪptɪk/ TRIP-tik, from the Greek τρίπτυχο, from tri- "three" + ptychē "fold") is a work of art (usually a panel painting) which is divided into three sections, or three carved panels which are hinged together and folded.

Ciclo - sp. Cycle


Louie said...

Aww! That was very nice! ;)

You made it to your quota for the month! Congrats!

Have a Happy New Year Sir Mu[g]en! :D

Carlo said...

A kind heart.
Happy new year!

Ronnie said...

Happy New Year, Mugen. ;)

anteros' dominion said...

thank you for making me human...reminding me of my imperfections, and higlighting my strengths.

we may have a lot of differences, but you have always been there to remind me to stand up for what i truly believe in.

you'll always have a special spot in my life, kuya joms.

see you soon.

blagadag said...

hayop. pag-ibig. very lino brocka ang feeling. love your year-end post.

my-so-called-Quest said...

very nice. happy new year sir. :)

Sean said...

aww, such kindness. i've also seen your kind words to bloggers. may you be showered with blessings in 2011 parekoy.

Yj said...

kaya pala ambait mo sakin kuya.... bilang isa akong batang kalye :))

how the world will be a better place if we all learn how to be compassionate... :)

isang bagong taon na puno ng pagmamahal ang sumasaiyo... :)

RainDarwin said...

you never cease to amaze me with your stories. kahit askal, nagagawan mo ng kwento hahahaha.


(bat kaya di kita magawang maburaot sa comment, lahat sila naburaot ko na ikaw na lang ang hindi pa hahaha)

thecuriouscat said...

happy new year joms!

claudiopoi said...

happy new year, muglen!

ako naman, i plan to become less of a people pleaser this year, and please myself more (but not in that way, haha).

wishing you only the best this 2011! :)