Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For Future Reference Only

"Allah created the armies, and he also created the hawks. Allah taught me the language of the birds. Everything has been written by the same hand," the boy said, remembering the camel driver's words.

The stranger withdrew the sword from the boy's forehead, and the boy felt immensely relieved. But he still couldn't flee.

"Be careful with your prognostications," said the stranger. "When something is written, there is no way to change it."

"All I saw was an army," said the boy. "I didn't see the outcome of the battle."

The Alchemist,
Paolo Coehlo

Natatandaan ko, gabi yun. Nasa mall kami at katatapos lang manood ng movie. Pababa kami ng escalator. The entire mall is encased in glass so kita mo yung labas. Puro bulubundukin ang paligid. Malalaman mo yun kasi nagkikislapan ang mga ilaw ng mga bahay sa tabi ng bundok.

He was with his friends. Hindi ko sila kilala. Nakalimutan ko na kung paano nagsimula ang kuwentuhan pero siya ang naunang nagsalita. Forgot the topic we talked about, pero alam mo yun, the first time he spoke a word, I knew there was a spark. The attraction was present and perhaps he felt it too. Now you might wonder what he looked like. Weird, I never expected it myself. Remembered him wearing a plain white shirt and jeans. Rugged kung rugged ang get-up. Makapal ang buhok, halatang hindi nagsusuklay. Katamtaman lang ang katawan, matangkad (5'10 siguro) moreno, average looks pero di ko na matandaan hitsura ng mukha. What endeared me to him was his quiet confidence. Hindi presko, pero alam mong maangas. Articulate in a sense, dominant nonetheless.

Lalaking lalaki kumilos.


Anonymous said...

sir mugs,
ako rin nagkaroon ng almost same dream weeks ago. my dream showed me walking into a forest that would eventually lead to a building. sa building na 'yun I was tasked to go to the 6th flr. nang ako'y maka-akyat nakita ko ang isang babae na 'di ko pa nakikita sa aking buhay. nag-usuap kami ngunit saglit lang dahil s'ya ay sa 7th pa pipirmi. after that i saw my college majormates.


Mu[g]en said...


Hehe, minsan, mind boggling how some strangers end up in our dream no? I don't know but nobody has ever explained such phenomenon.

Boying Opaw said...

dreams themselves have not been fully understood, their purpose never fully explained. the contents of dreams continue to mind-boggle those who attempt to tackle and/or study it.

interesting how the brain works (functions? don't know the right word. haha.) when it is supposedly at "rest".

'chos! haha.

Mu[g]en said...

Boying Wapo:

That's why I keep tabs of my dreams. It reflects my state of being, and sometimes, when you pay attention enough, it might give you a sneak peak of the things to come (minsan rin, the unexplainable happens in our sleep) hehe.

Désolé Boy said...

oo nga noh...it's a great idea!

from now i'll keep tabs of my dreams. parang ang sarap balikan..

Mu[g]en said...


Yeah. But you have to figure out first, what dreams make you euphoric.

Hayan binibigyan na kita ng lessons sa Lucid Dreaming. Hehehe

Désolé Boy said...

dapat may technology na pwedeng malagay sa screen yung dream mo..hehe

there was this guy sa dream ko na 1 month ko din di nakalimutan..his image was so vivid kung magaling lang ako magdrawing nagawa ko na sya..hehe

anyway, so much for my dream sequences =)

datu/the wilted prune said...

Personally I think dreams (good ones at least) are a way for the body to fool your mind to stay asleep if you're intending to wake up before your body gets its full rest. It always happens in my case, like for example kung kailangan kong gumising ng maaga pero puyat ako, doon ako nananaginip. Somehow the brain can't resist a good dream's storyline. :))

Nightmares, on the other hand, remain a mystery to me. :,(

Mu[g]en said...

Mistress Datu:

What is so strange is that the dream occurred just when my body had its full rest. Hehehe.

For whatever its worth (now that I'm in total control of my functions) I'd better put the issue to rest.

Desole Boy:

If that's a possibility, I'd put an HDTV in my room. Grabe, some of my dreams have the best sunsets I've seen.

jericho said...

i haven't had enough sleep to dream lately.. hehe. musta ka na?

Alterjon said...

Dreams are made by fools like me;
But only God can let them be.

Altering J.Kilmer. ;)

wanderingcommuter said...

some researchers would argue that the diversity of our dreams (unconsciousness) are determined by the things either we are repressed of or what we truly want.

paci said...

when i remember a dream, i remember every detail. and then they happen. heehee.

PILYO said...

ilusyanada ka lang talaga papa joms. or dala layan ng stress at pressure sa work.

sama ka sa probinsya namin para makapag unwind ka.

Mu[g]en said...


Still the same old me. Hehehe! Ikaw ang dapat kamustahin. Tagal mo nawala sa blog!


Visions are revealed to be altered. Or perhaps, maybe to watch out for.

Mu[g]en said...


Kasi naman sa isla pa eh! Gusto ko sana sumama kaso ipit ako sa sked ko. Magkikita tayo bago umalis ang tropa. Pwamis yan!


When I remember a dream, I write it. Hehehe.


Perhaps. Those wants are becoming more pronounced in this blog. =)

That's why I try not to hold on to such remembering.

red the mod said...

We dream because our reality is invalid. We hope because our hearts refuses to concede. When dreams become realities, what would be left in its wake? To want is to feel. And our dreams are reflections of our humanity, succinct and surreal.

SOLTERO said...

dreams..dreamss..lately paggising ko,4get ko na agad yung dream ko ahahha...

there was a time i dreamt it was the end of the world, all my friends and family are flying up towards heaven, ako kahit anong pilit ko mag fly ayaw huhuhu..that was scary :P