Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Another Day At Work

Mami Athena appears to be in good spirits lately. Either she was touched again by her gay muses or her boundless ideas had overspilled from her head and found its way of expression through her choice of clothing. Just the other day, I was floored when I saw her wearing a jet black dress and a vintage Ballerina skirt with pony patterns on the fabric. Being her anointed one, I asked what was the occassion after complementing her fabulous get-up.

"Ayaw akong paalisin ng mga anak ko sa bahay ng hindi nagdadamit ng maayos eh." Well, it was good reason enough. Her daughters are all good dressers.

You see, Mami Athena and I share the same preference for rugged clothes. We pay little attention with what we wear so long as it's comfortable and proper for the occassion. Earth-tone fabrics such as grey and black are our favorite. Not only are we able to blend in the background, we are virtually unnoticed. She said the last time she was forced to wear unconventional clothes (such as the one she is wearing that day) happened during her stint in the "industry." She used to hold varied creative positions in Advertising before fate brought her at our fledgling BPO company five years ago.

"Hay nako, the other day, we were at the mall and lahat ng tao tingin ng tingin sa akin." I wasn't surprised. She carries herself too well, the sangkabaklaan at work literally worships her.

"Anong ginawa mo?" I asked while discreetly reading the news on Inquirer online.

"Deadma forever lang. Baka siguro first time nilang makakita na lola na naka-boots." Yeah right. Aside from being a closet fashionista, she dabbles in computers too. If there's a real lola tekkie, like the lady shown in that Bayantel advertisement, Mami Athena should be the one.

The whole day went by with us laughing until we could not breathe anymore. She was telling some funny stories about her former boss - a director - who used to call everyone pookiepie. Not even the first lady Ejercito, who appeared unfazed after being called a cunt, wasn't spared from his name-calling. She said this director throws ashtrays and cold cash, whenever he is under the spell of his muses.

Our shift finally ended but before leaving the room, she promised to wear the same clothes that made her an eye candy at the mall. The following morning, I was late for work but the boss still required me to attend the weekly managers' meeting to explain my report. As always, Mami Athena conducts the session while everybody listened. This time however, everyone had something to say about her dress.

The boys described her as a rocker chick,

The other lady in the group was speechless. She was probably thinking how to outdress her next meeting.

The boss vowed to match hers with some old-school get-up next time,

While I was totally starstruck. I didn't know power-dressing is now in.

Still in good spirits, she was gracious enough to pose in front of the camera to show her flawless legs and her killer boots.

She said this is for you Daniel.

We will have our little bonding soon.


soltero said...

YOU GO GIRL!(that's for Mommy Athena)...& perhaps you will match her outfit soon??? bwahhaa :P

paci said...

not fashion conscious here but i am definitely loving the boots! =)

orallyours said...

now that's the spirit. cheers!

Gerardo said...

Wow! I love her spirit tlga on your entries, practically on everything she has a say! Ü

Eternal Wanderer... said...

mami athena is FIERCE!!!

Guyrony said...

From the military inspired shorts you wore when we went clubbing to the rugged (read:mountaineering) look you have at the book launch to a simple outfit you wore at the party, well, it seems you're not power-dressing at all.

Nyahahahaha! Maybe to hide hints of gayness?

blagadag said...

talagang malapit sa fire extinguisher pa nag pose. super hot.

Cio said...

depende ang pagka ragged ko, ayoko din mag blend sa karamihan.

sexy ng legs =)

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

I LOVEEEEETTTT!!!!! kabog ang mga babaitang dalaga sa office nyo siguro. :)

~Carrie~ said...

enjoy your bonding moment with your mami athena, joms. :)

Jake said...

Sorry to say pare, pero mukhang tinigasan ako ng konti sa legs ni Mommy Athena. Bwahaha!

The pervert in me. :p

Mu[g]en said...


Sasabihin lang sayo ng nanay-nanayan ko, "you naughty little boy!" Sabay gagamitin niya yung boots niya para apakan yang tiyan mo. Hahaha!


Believe me, tatlong araw akong late sa work. Inaabuso ko! Hahaha


Sinasamba yang ng mga bading dito sa office. Pati mga lalaki, takot sa kanya.

Mu[g]en said...


Anything that is not eye-catching is good for me, pero lately, natututo na rin ako pumorma. Hahaha.


Hindi namin nakita yun mommy ah!


That's my style kuya pwpw! Seriously, meron akong wardrobe crisis. Ibloblog ko siya next time. :P

Mu[g]en said...


Anything that is not eye-catching is good for me, pero lately, natututo na rin ako pumorma. Hahaha.


Hindi namin nakita yun mommy ah!


That's my style kuya pwpw! Seriously, meron akong wardrobe crisis. Ibloblog ko siya next time. :P

Mu[g]en said...


She's a diva! Lol.


Well, she's fierce when you do stupid things at work, but that happens only once in a while.


Hehehe! Yeah!

Mu[g]en said...


The boots are to die for. Kanina iba naman getup niya. Forgot what she called it pero ayos rin ang color combination.


Hahaha! Tawa kami ng tawa sa comment mo.

kaprengbulakenyo said...

Sarap mag karoon ng ganitong ka cool na mommy..hehehe Sir mugen nag follow po ako sa blog nyo..Salamat!

daniel said...

Grabe, I miss You and Mami na talaga : ) Soon!

To Mami: That is soo fierce : )


And to however sent u that text message, That bitch is one backstabbing lowlife fugly bitch!