Monday, July 12, 2010

Spiritual Machine

Tripitaka: Monkey, how far is it to the Western Heaven, the abode of Buddha?

Wu Kong: You can walk from the time of your youth till the time you grow old, and after that, till you become young again; and even after going through such a cycle a thousand times, you may still find it difficult to reach the place where you want to go. But when you perceive by the resoluteness of your will, the Buddha-nature in all things, and when every one of your thoughts goes back to that fountain in your memory, that will be the only time you arrive at Spirit Mountain.

The Journey to the West,
A prologue in the novel, The Years of Rice and Salt

I was doing Military Press at the gym when I had an epiphany.

"We are judged according to how we have loved the universe and not how much we spent our lives dwelling on our earthly accomplishments."

I felt relieved. Suddenly, I found my anchorage.

Who would have thought those 95lbs iron plates were couriers of enlightenment.


anteros' dominion said...

HUGS, kuya

thank you for this

paci said...

simply amazing. parang network.

soltero said...

nice one sir! and oh yabang sa 95 lbs ahahha.. i can barely lift 70,oh yeah i'm a wimp bwahahahha:P

Boying Opaw said...

The girl spent most of her life travelling to a destination, which turned out to be not a place at all but a moment in her life.

And in that moment, where she came face to face with the very purpose of her journey, she found that there is nobody (or nothing) out there who will criticize her but her self.

Chos! Wala lang. trip ko lang lumayo topic.

PILYO said...

you'll lose weight, then gain again.

loss, gain, loss, gain.

that's the cycle, so keep burning.



~Carrie~ said...

Haha, pang-Miss U.

Thank you, Ms. Serbia Herzegovina. :D

Désolé Boy said...

salamat sa pag-share nito...
one of the bests!

Yas Jayson said...

now, you are a renaissance man.

and yeah. exactly, a god of small things.