Monday, July 5, 2010

Realistically Speaking

It is difficult to lose weight even when you work out three times a week. The key is in the food you eat, and based from my meal chart these past several days, my carbo-loading remains unchecked. You see, I haven't gotten past beyond the yoyo strategy, which I had put in place early last summer. The yoyo strategy is a combination of food binging and forced starvation. It was a compromise which allowed me to eat all the food I want without getting fat. However, it destroyed my eating habits. The original entry in place of this one was about a target to reclaim a certain weight by the end of the month. But after eating two Trail Mix Oats and Fruits bars earlier, I have decided to put the goal on hold, and instead, the focus now is to accomplish the more attainable things.

Like drinking more glasses water instead of sugar-based liquids.
and cutting the number of bottles of beer by at least 2 every week.

Strict diet practices will be impossible to put in place. Unlike before, when I was still in the afternoon shift, heavy meals were always served on the table during lunch, while oatmeal (without sugar) used to be my dinner before going to Eclipse. Gym activities will be intensified, especially now that my drive seems to be waning. And even when the lingering thought of being celibate has dampened my resolve to boost my market, it should not keep me from feeling good after looking at the mirror when questions of self-doubt assault my consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. You can do it.

anteros' dominion said...

KAYA mo naman yun..basta wag pwersahin ang sarili kapag hindi na kaya

soltero said...

yup they always say watch what u eat...portion control is the key, u don't have to starve op kors, exercise...

i have seen chubby people here (my friend included) lose a lot of weight only to gain them again after a year or so..

u look good sir! just keep hitting the gym :)

eon said...

i feel you. can't find the discipline to fix my diet/gym schedule.

~Carrie~ said...

Pa-Spam lang, friend:

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~Carrie~ said...

The Four-Point Fat Loss Plan

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Anonymous said...

Diet and gym, parusa ang mas tamang tawag ko dyan. Okay nga mga chubs eh, cute na sarap yakapin pa.

Désolé Boy said...

para namang di mo na kailangan ng diet at gym eh..ganda na katawan mo..

Guyrony said...

Piece of advice: stay away from too much alcohol and partying!!!

Anonymous said...

kaya yan, jomskie. kaw pa.

oats diet din ako ngyon, at nakakahilo pala.