Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something To Be Thankful Pt. 1

It's been two years since I had a pair of rubber shoes. I bought it at Shoemart (with my mom's permission) after the department store slashed its price for the mall's year-end sale. The shoes didn't last long though. It had soles as thin as a cardboard and when I used it for long walks over rough and uneven terrain, the rubber gets shredded.

I seldom buy my own shoes because I couldn't afford one. My credit cards are used to purchase other things such as my gym membership and family dinners at fancy restaurants. Instead, I depend on the kindness of relatives abroad for their balikbayan boxes. That's how I acquired a fleet of leather shoes over the years.

Last weekend, an uncle arrived from the US for his regular visit to the country. Despite heavy rains, we showed up for lunch hosted by the favorite aunt. Pasalubongs were expected but since the downpour kept the goodie boxes from being unloaded from the truck, it took days before the pasalubong actually reached us.

I found two pairs of rubber shoes in the living room last night. One was of course for me and the other still waited to be claimed by its mysterious owner. Both pairs were size 12 and they were branded. If I'm not mistaken, they were Sketchers.

"O pumili ka na ng sapatos mo." Mom was there to make sure I wouldn't claim the two shoes for myself.

I chose the purple pair.

"Kasyang kasya sa akin, heto na lang kunin ko ma!" I said while dangling the shoes in front of her.

Mom didn't ask anything after. I went back to my room to finish the blog entry I previously posted.


I felt a strange ease around my feet after deciding to wear the new pair of shoes the following day. It's been a while since I had rubber shoes for walking and though nobody noticed my new pair at work, I was grateful for having a new pair to use alongside my extra heavy boots. Lunchtime came and while waiting for someone to text back, I received a text message from my mom confirming my suspicions about the other pair we left behind.

"Kay Mugen rin yung isang sapatos. Padala yun ni Melvin sa kanya." It was a forwarded SMS from the favorite aunt. An older cousin - the son of the uncle who arrived from the states - was generous enough to send another pair for me.

"Ang lakas mo talaga sa kanila. Pasalamat ka kay Uncle Rick saka kay Kuya Melvin mo ha!" It was an instruction that needs no reminder. I already sent a wall-to-wall message on Facebook to Melvin shortly after the confirmation came.

Now that I have two pairs of rubber shoes, another two pairs of leather shoes, and a pair of boots given to me by a very generous colleague who was also responsible for stuffing my wardrobe with his hand-me-down pants, my goal now is to replace the extra-large long-sleeves with medium-sized ones.

Then I will become a fashionista.

Thankful for the shoes I recieved, my long sleeves will go to some plus-sized colleagues tomorrow.


Nimmy said...

nice!! mugen the superstar blogger magiging fashionista na! pak na pak! :)

soltero said...

and take note.....SIZE 12 !!!!
aba aba aba...di ba may kasabihan,
ang size ng paa ay directly proportional sa size ng................... brain? ehehe :P

mel beckham said...

how about heels? hehehehe

orallyours said...

from extra large to medium, that's like WOW. I-sponsor na lang kita hahahaha.
I'm sure the plus-sized colleague will be thankful too. so nice.

blagadag said...

love this post. am smiling wide pressing my keyboard to send a message. not for d shoes but, for my baby. so many loves you, my dear. i still owe you a pair, though. see you later. pwamis.

Désolé Boy said...

am like size 11 so makakahiram pala ko sa 'yo idol Mu[g]en..hehe

and inggit me sa boots ha. matagal ko na gusto ka naman ng pic na suot mo sila, lol.

Cio said...

iyabang mo pa, mugen. tapakan ko yan eh. ahahahaha.

astig. dami nagmamahal

Mu[g]en said...


Actually, nagsimula na nung party ni K. :)


Ingget ka, size 12 paa ko? Lolz.

Mel Beckham:

Sweetpea, kelangan ko muna matuto mag balance bago ako mag heels. Baka sa pagiging war freak ko eh gawin ko lang pamalo yung takong. Lolz.


Mu[g]en said...


Konting effort pa, kaya ko mag small size. Lol.


Sometimes you have to give back what you have received. Pass it over nga sabi nila. Thank you mommy. Ingat ka diyan. :)

Desole Boy:

Haha conscious ako dude. Sabi nila sa bahay, pamatay daw ng daga mga medyas ko eh.


Sapakan na lang! Hahaha.

~Carrie~ said...

I gotta see your get-up on the 7th and 8th, Joms. :D

~Carrie~ said...

Na-side track naman ako. Yes, we have to count our blessings and be thankful for the things being showered upon us.

Anonymous said...

pag nagkita tau, im expecting you to be in purple rubber shoes, white belt, skinny jeans and pink polo shirts tucked in.


Mu[g]en said...


How dare you impose on me! Hindi mo ba alam na ako ang AMASONA ng ENCANTADIA?

Mag pu-puta red backless gown ako sa inuman! Tatalbugan ko si Papa P na balak rin yata mag-gown sa anniversary namen.

At hindi ka invited! Dun ka magparty sa Malate! Lol.


Let's see, I still prefer the heavy boots over the rubber shoes.

Kane said...

Mugen, well well well. Nawiwili much?

Hahaha. Ikaw ha, tumotodo ka ha.

I will closely watch this transformation.


Mu[g]en said...


Well, well the one who started it all decided to drop by. :)

JR said...

well I guess you have a good heart kaya dami gusto magbigay sa yo! gusto ko na nga ibigay pati puri ko e..chos hahaha

paci said...

minsan lang din ako bumili ng rubber shoes. lahat bigay. at kung di ko lang din binibigay sa mga pinsan ko, may koleksyon na ako. OSH KOSH BIGAY. =)
pati leather shoes..heehee. nice post.

Mu[g]en said...


Pa-kyut lang kaya pinapadalhan nila ako. Wahahaha!

Puri mo ibibigay mo sa akin? Kala ko ba eh nilaan mo yan para sa aking junakis na si shoti?


Haha buti ka pa may pagmamanahan mga bigay sayo. Sakin wala talaga. Malaki daw kasi masyado yung mga paa ko. Lolz.

thor said...

Congrats sa mga bagong sapatos. Sana ay ilakad ka nila sa tamang daan (hehe, magic).

Ingats. Mabenta talaga ang usapan tungkol sa shoe size.

Guyrony said...

Who's joining the bandwagon now M? It seems you're gearing up for somewhere special.

A special reunion perhaps?

A special booking perhaps?

A special date perhaps?

Excited much.


maginoongbulakenyo said...

Pwede po bang makisabi kay uncle rick at kuya melvin na 9 1/2 ang size ng paa ko, ako po kasi ang nawawala ninyong kamag anak..hehehe