Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just My Imagination

Once, it was his favorite pastime. A creative product of someone who used to spend his time alone while everyone else were running around and strolling at his school's quadrangle. Looking over the horizon, on the fourth floor of his grade-school building, he would stare at tall buildings and picture a huge dinosaur-like creature plodding towards the office blocks. Sirens blare in the distance, while machines of war hover just above his head.

It was a perfect scene of carnage. Dust and debris fly everywhere as the dinosaur-like creature begins its attack. A long, deep growl from its belly was enough to send the most disciplined troops in a state of panic. People get crushed under its massive feet. The authorities, unable to stop the monster's advance use its resources to evacuate a terrified populace. Meanwhile, the boy, now pinned under the heaviness his imagination suddenly sees a bright object in the sky. A silvery human-like being with a crest on his head running down his nose glides towards the beast to save the helpless from despair. Tall as the buildings that are being trampled down, he would push back the beast until it loses balance and falls to the ground. The earth shakes, dust accumulates over the boy's shoulders who is now frozen in his spot. A kick in the face, a sway of one's spiky tail, a hand chop at one's scaly neck, another long growl. A ball of fire shoots from the mouth of the beast missing the hero by a hair strand. It hits another building which explodes upon impact. Using his slant eyes shaped like those of a manti's, he shoots down the monster with his laser beam. Another growl, and then it falls down to the ground, never to move again.

When the sky clears and dust finally settles, the friendly giant is no more. In his place is the eerie silence, a long sigh in the air marking the end of a battle whose very victory was achieved at a heavy price. The boy, now free to go back to reality stares once again at the kids playing at the quadrangle. Meanwhile, the office blocks over the horizon remains standing - peacefully in the late afternoon sun - like all was just a daydream.

Like all was just a product of his imagination inspired by a late afternoon TV show he religiously followed on weekends.

Images from Ultraseven X


Gerardo said...

haha i followed ultraman and magmaman before too, we even have a joke about ultraman being an endorser of a wristwatch coz he always shouts "SWATCH!", flying after the end of every fight. mga araw ng kamusmusan *sigh Ü

Alterjon said...

his blinking chest is what I never forgot. that's where he always got me worried the most. :)

Felipe said...

madalas kong hanapin ang bukol ni ultraman. wala! LOL

~Carrie~ said...

Made me smile. How funny that I do the same: create the images and scenes in my mind. The difference is that I'd be the super hero and would save the day, either anonimously or otherwise. Conceited masyado. Pag sobrang naaliw, I'll make blasting sounds pa from my mouth, hahaha.

Mu[g]en said...


Siguro si Masked Rider Black ang favorite superhero mo nun. Hahaha! Naalala ko, yung besprend ko nakipag-away sa amin, ginawa niya, ni-rider kick niya yung humahamon ng suntukan sa kanya.

Blasting sounds. Yeah, I did that too.


Kasi naman, kipay daw ang meron siya. Lol.

Mu[g]en said...


Badtrip na blinker yan, paniwalang paniwala tayo na talagang nauubos lakas ni Ultraman dati. Ngayon eh obviously, para hindi masyadong matagal ang laban ng mga halimaw kaya may blinker.


Mukhang di tayo nagkakalayo ng edad ah! :P Gusto ko ulit mapanood yung Magmaman. Tingin ko, mas dark ang treatment sa story saka mas realistic. Tingin mo?

~Carrie~ said...

OMG. Crush ko ang bida ng masked rider black, pramis. Slurp. Hahahaha.

Désolé Boy said...

maka-shaider ako eh.
bukod sa love ko siya eh keri na din saken ang panty ni annie, haha.


Justine said...

c machine man ang gusto ko with matching buknoy hehehe

Lalaki Daw Po said...

ay panalo yan ultraman and his ultra-family.. hahaha

sa ultraman ace ata un.. duamting si ultraman father, sopi.. hahaha panalO!

Mu[g]en said...


Hehehe, Ultraman Ace nga yun. Nung natalo siya dun sa kalaban niya na may trunk na katulad sa elepante. Nakalimutan ko yung pangalan eh. Hehehe.


Si Machine Man naman, yung cape niya eh parang plastic cover lang sa notebook ko noon eh. Wahahaha!

Mu[g]en said...

Desole Boy:

Haha si Alex at Annie, hindi nagpapalit ng damit. Ever. Mas mabuti pa si Ida, minulat tayo sa pagiging diva. Lol


Si Robert ba kamo? Hahaha! May kapitbahay ako, sinisigaw niya talaga na "Robert anakan mo ako!" kapag magtratransform na siya bilang si Masked Rider Black.

Gerardo said...

I don't know the concept of darkness back then, I was only 6 or 7 when I saw it and some episodes are blurred to me na but I remember Magmaman died then revived. Robert Akizuki aka Black Sun Ü we imitate the guy when he's transforming and we use balat ng nilagang itlog as sound effects haha! And who would not remember buknoy the fighting ball, what a sidekick!

Mu[g]en said...


My thoughts about Magmaman were formed much, much later. But I remember a friend who said, "mas totoo si Magmaman at least, namamatay" or something like that. What I recall though is that there are no kids in Magmaman, and when a monster shows up, fleets and fleets of fighter jets would assist the SAF in preventing the beast from advancing. Hehehe.

Yung sa Masked Rider Black ba eh parang sa egg-shell? Akala ko eh parang sa pop-corn. Lol.

Buknoy. Ugh, tama ka, what a sidekick. Those were the days, panoorin natin ngayon, sasabihin lang natin, "anong kalokohan yan!" lol.

Gerardo said...


Yeah! Its a proof we are getting older pag nag re reminisce na tayo ng pagkabata hahaha...but nevertheless we all do it and love it di ba? Ü

I'm looking forward for your next entry Mu[gen]Ü

Mu[g]en said...


Haha, expect more posts like these in the coming days. :) Yeah, the more we become estranged with our past, the more we longed for it.

Already posted my new entry. Sana makarelate ka rin. :)