Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretentious, Me

Let's play a game. You go to a club and pretend you're straight. Since you have this impressive height and fine built (like they said you're hunk, but you're still insisting that you're not!) to get the ladies' attention, why not flirt around. You know your moves. You've been hitting on girls ever since the guys of your liking started hitting on others. I know it would be a totally different concept; a new world perspective; a tale of epic proportions. You never did this intentionally, like... once. But since the world has changed and nobody seems to notice you nowadays. (I mean, the guys you trip would probably think you're straight anyway) Go on, have some fun. Even when BED got burned down, nobody will stop you from clubbing.

So party on Mugen.

Party on!


Havok said...

You are just sourgraping. All your prospects of finding the one last month didn't succeed. You were not even close in finding that connection no thanks to strange attitude of yours of getting attached too fast and retreating too swift when forces of attraction are against you.

Would you try again, or would you finally embrace my way of doing things?

Altair said...

Maybe you're feeling guilty because all those who dared to cross lines were thwarted by your defenses. When will you try and come out of your shell?

When will you open yourself to the idea of healing?

When will you finally forgive such times when luck was against you. Give yourself a break. Throw your baggages away and be truly free.

Mugs said...

And even though its past midnight and you're all dressed up to party, something tells me you're hesitating.

Maybe deep inside, you know the best days have gone and all that's left are these lingering feeling of hope, that in the dusk of your youth, maybe you'll find your dream there.

"Who knows," your heart speaks. "Maybe you haven't missed the last train yet."