Friday, August 13, 2010


We used to think that nothing will come between you and clubbing, but we are all wrong. Gone are the Friday mornings when you would craft some nasty excuse just to get out of the house and party til daybreak. Sometimes you would even sneak out and say a prayer to the gods of disco balls while hailing a cab so you wouldn't get caught. Those were the good times Mugs. Blame old age for the change of heart. You can even make reference to the last stand-off at O-Bar as your epiphany. But as far as we care and as deep as your mood reveals, your Malate hiatus will remain indefinitely.

Go on. Don't be shy, you can lie in your bed and hug your pillow until you fall asleep.


paci said...

..and i'll hug you as you hug your pillow. =)

wait. do your boylets do that?

red the mod said...

The dance never really stopped. The music just changed, for now. So the moves maybe different, a bit awkward and seems unnatural, but deep inside the same hearts beats with the grind, and the same body sings to the eyes.

Interestingly, as I was prying Shaw Boulevard earlier tonight, I had the most compelling craving to dance. Like I did those few times. But this time, alone. By myself, and reclaim a kingdom I once graced. Just like old times.

But I didn't. My body craves it so badly. But my heart won't allow me. Not yet.

demonyito said...

aww.. papa joms is growing old, and that's not a bad thing at all... :P

orally said...

now im torn with this entry..

i say cheers to the gods of disco balls and
to whatever fills your friday nights

Désolé Boy said...

ahmmnn i don't think age should hinder us to party as long as you're doing it in a healthy manner, if you guys know what i mean.

but a break could definitely do you good. so, hopefully you'll be back soon. meet you there! hehe

Felipe said...

ay. Nasa O-bar na ba ang mga kabadingan ngayon? Hmmmm! Go for gold!

canonista said...

Sabi ko na nga ba at tulog ka na nung tinawagan kita e. Sorry naman. :-)

Mu[g]en said...

Paci: Suuuure!! Pero as far as I remember, ako yata mahilig mangyakap pag natutulog.

Red: Remember what K said about the connection of mating call and dancing. Probably there's indeed a connection.

Soltero: Uu, masakit na katawan ko lagi. Baka dahil hari rin ako ng puyat.

Mu[g]en said...


Natanggap mo ba yung pasalubong ko sa iyo from Carrie? Hehehe. I didn't go out last night, but I got my well-deserved rest.


You have a point there. I didn't mention the squats had also put a toll on me.

Mu[g]en said...


Naman! Nasunog na ang BED eh. Lahat tuloy eh nagsilipatan sa O-Bar Ortigas.


Asus okay lang yun. As for your inquiry nga pala, pass muna. Shy ako eh. Hehehe.

paci said...

edi mas okay mu[g]en. magkayakap tayo sa buong magdamag!!! *kilig ulit

gigiyerahin ako ng mga tao pag naging boylet mo ako. *up force field

Sig said...

I'm just starting to enjoy night outs. Quite new to this, and I'm enjoying it. I wonder when I'll sleep the night off instead of clubbing. It should come soon---my student pocket's suffering.

Sig said...

@ Mugen RE Felipe: Yes yes. Nakakaloka raw ang crowd sa O Bar Ortigas last night. It was my first time there, pero sabi ng mga kasama ko hindi raw ganun karami ang tao dun before. Halos di ka na makahinga.

Anonymous said...

mugen BF mo ba si canonnista? para konektado blog nyo