Saturday, August 21, 2010



Star: Gendorf
Planetary Designation: Audy 01106820
Adjective: Audean
Stellar Type: G3V (Yellow)


Apigendia: 182,300 km
Perigendia: 160,233 km
Orbital Period: 435.34353 days
Satellite: None


Mean Radius: 5,243 km
Mass: 5.2434 x 10 kg24
Climate: +/- 13 centigrade
Axial Tilt: 22.86586 degrees
Gravity: 1.112 g
Terrain Types: Temperate Forests, Lakes, Mountain Ranges,


Surface Pressure: 100,324 kPa

76.24 Nitrogen
22.36 Oxygen
1.10 Water Vapor
0.25 Argon
0.05 Carbon Dioxide

Habitability Status:

Planetary Sentient, Symbiont Candidate,

Symbiosis in Progress

Orbiter images show that Audy 01106820 to be a single-continuous landmass. It is heavily forested with several large bodies of water prominent on its surface. No planet-wide oceans were observed. Massive mountain ranges dot the equatorial regions while a large impact crater of recent origin was seen near the northern arctic region of the planet.

Audy 01106820 was previously unoccupied. However, data gathered shows the planet to be within the habitation range of the people of the planetship. Preliminary symbiosis was already undertaken.