Saturday, August 14, 2010



"Bakla! Bakla! Bakla!!" I said in a hushed voice. She flinched a little but didn't move at all. Sprawled uncomfortably in her bed, her agony spells all over her face. It has been a week since she felt the sharp pain spreading across her head. Nobody could tell how long before relief comes and finally saves her from her misery.

"Sabi ng doctor, may nakitang blood clot sa brain niya." The office staff, Miss Nenita said. "Maliit lang naman pero kung hindi naagapan, baka mas naging grabe yung stroke niya."

She did a comeback a day after witnessing first hand the drama happening at the ER. I was there with Daniel at past midnight believing everything will be fine. Her medical tests showed nothing. We thought her constant headache was caused by a drop in potassium after eating nothing for three days. She was extremely weak when we saw her.

What we didn't know was that her tribulations were just beginning.


Serious pronouncements were made this time when doctors saw the result of her brain scan. Intensive care was immediately required thus, she was made to stay at a unit dreaded by patients and loved ones alike.

Her spot lies at the darkest corner of the empty room. It was her choice - after all, she was the only patient there. She has always been photosensitive as far as people remember. Unlike other convalescent souls I saw in such room before, no plastic tubes connect to her body. She doesn't need the aid of oxygen and other sophisticated machines, and the apparatuses clinging to her skin reveal only her life signs.

"Well the heart rate of the patient is normal. There's a slight drop in blood pressure but no need to worry about it. She still complains of headache earlier but since she's resting, wala naman kami naririnig so far."

"But how about the medicines? Meron na ba siya iniinom for her blood clot?"

"Yes meron na, binibigyan namin siya ng..." The tablet names have already blocked my thoughts.

"Iniintay na lang namin yung Neuro niya para sa next steps na gagawin." Unable to stand the gloom, I returned to the visitors lounge where her son and his girlfriend kept vigil.


"Yung maliit na blood clot na ganyan, traydor yan eh." Said the unloved closeted HR officer during a meeting. "Well, its a time bomb waiting to explode." He said nonchalantly.

Swear, if it wouldn't be a grave offense at work, I would have hit him with an office chair.

"He will have his time," I said to myself grudgingly. "When Mami Athena comes back, she will know what he said."


paci said...

kung madaming traydor na karamdaman, mas madaming traydor sa lipunan na mas malala pa sa time bomb kung maghasik ng lagim.

prayers for mami athena.

Nimmy said...

i'll include her in my prayers.

the HR officer is a jerk. grrrrr.

~Carrie~ said...

Pinakausap ko na kay ate Karmi ang HR officer na yan.

Anonymous said...

I'll remember Mami Athena in my prayers. Hope she gets well soon.

Kiks said...

You have the prayers of Hong Kong.

Its pollution goes directly to the lungs of that damned HR person.

engel said...

hope she gets better. will sure include her in my prayers.

orally said...

prayers for mami athena. hope she'll be okay

i hate ICUs.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...curiously speaking, anu nman po ung dx. kay ma'am?