Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real Story

Two days after the rescue blunder, more information emerged as to what happened during the shooting. Survivors said that some hostages put up resistance as Mendoza started to go berserk .

Besides Ken Leung Kam-wing, the 58-year-old managing director who tried to stop the gunman, his daughter, Jessie Leung Song-yi, 14, died saving her brother Jason Leung Song-xue, 19.

In the last minutes of the standoff, Mendoza herded the hostages to the rear of the bus but kept tour guide Masa Tse Ting-chunn handcuffed at the front of the vehicle. As the first rounds of shots were fired, which killed Tse, several hostages tried to disarm Mendoza, according to reports. This was when the killer went berserk and shot randomly.

Joe Chan Kwok-chu was quoted in one report as saying that Mendoza then walked down the aisle and kept shooting. After endless rounds of gunfire, tear gas forced Mendoza to walk to the front of the bus, exposing himself to the marksmen, who killed him.

But according to Tracey Wong Cheuk-yiu, in another interview, Mendoza pointed at the air when he fired his first shot.

She said most of the shots were fired from the outside earlier.

The Hong Kong Standard
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