Sunday, August 15, 2010

Remnants Of A Supernova

After Canonista

If your panels break
And your signals stop
And you hover not
My flares will burn you,
eat you up
Swallowing your
For an eternity of migration
Become a part of my
eternal salvation
What remains of us
will travel forever
In light years to

Planet Romeo
Summer 2010

The purpose of the expedition was to search for hook-ups. Mirc has become a world too small, a spread out was required. Scout infiltration proved successful. Just hours after the account went online, the profile Havok scored victory with a neighborhood hunk. Days passed and meet-ups became a regular activity. Though meetings were of a "friendly" kind, near-misses were apparent. Bed wars never happened simply because nobody wanted to be blamed for starting out a "fight."

After a discovery lead him to nearly cross a professor in college, Havok decided to turn his presence in the website into a learning pursuit. It became a study in human psychology and gay sociology while keeping his very naughty personality. Disastrous romantic endeavors taught him to keep check his emotions, since Mugen has a tendency to get attached. In the end, he tried his best to suppress his ability to feel.

Realizing that he lost track of his main purpose, (For love was too elusive, while getting a fuck might be a costly transgression) he began a hasty retreat from the website. Abandoning all connections, he has managed to save one:

The person he finds too valuable to be left behind.

Close ties keep them in constant contact. And while face to face meet up remains an ambitious plan, their blog and facebook links keep them updated with each others' lives.

Remember what I told you about keeping your poems?
Now that my old phone's inbox messages are to be deleted,
I'm posting what I chose to be the best of them.


orally said...

Canonista's comment in one of your entries brought me to his blog and I've been a follower of him ever since but damn I always get depressed whenever I read him but always always cheering him on silently.
And the bond between you two is quite touching.

And no, yung pasalubong na pinadala mo thru carrie ay pinagdamot nya. paging carrie!

Anonymous said...

nice post sobrang mararamdaman mo emosyon oo nga mugen may ckoneksyon kau ni canonista baka sila hehehehe kidding nice work patuloy mo lang.

baka sila nila canonista hehehehe

Mu[g]en said...


Yan ang tinatawag na showbiz balita. Nako magagalit si kanyang P sa akin niyan. Lol.


Artists must always keep a shard of glass beneath their skin to keep creating new things. Artistry is all about solitude. :)

Hingin mo sa kanya, nagbigay nga ako ng extra para sa iyo eh. Lol.

Kiks said...

The love lingers...

Sorry, P. But this post is just full of it.

Btw, bakit ako, walang pasalubong?

~Carrie~ said...

Sorry po. Nasa akin pa yung pasalubong, bigay ko sa yo, mamaya, ok? Yayakapin kita sa gitna ng Orchard road sabay torrid kiss. Tignan natin kung hindi mawindang ang mga dumaraan. Charot! LOL

@Kiks... uhm, sorry din. I'm just the messenger. Hehehe.

soltero said...

hmm bagong loveteam ba? bwahhaha...:P

paci said...

there's always something about poetry that makes me pause and think. because the words, though limited in some sense, really say a lot. and besides, i am no poet.

okay lang na dinelete mo account mo sa pr. huwag lang ang blog mo. kasi dito kita nakilala. =)

Mu[g]en said...


Nako buti pala at hindi ko dinetalye ang mga bagay na pinagkakasunduan namin ni Canonista.

Wala ka pasalubong? Asus, nagpabilin ka ba kay Carrie? Lol.


Oi walang torrid kiss akong pinadala kay OY ha. Torrid kiss mo yan. Lolz.

Mu[g]en said...


Oi anong loveteam ka jan. Kaw, baka magalit yung nagcomment sa baba mo sige ka. Hahaha.


Poetry requires mastery in hiding thoughts beneath concrete imagery. I used to write a lot of poems back in College, but when I realized how rhyme and clarity were required to produce a masterpiece, I stopped weaving words in poetry form and turned my attention to prose.

Maaksyon ang buhay PR. Pero narealize ko na hindi ko kaya yung ganong klaseng aksyon.

Nandito lang ako. :)

Désolé Boy said...

now i got hooked!

on artistry.
maybe, that's why we got'em, solitude, pain etc.. to keep the artist's blood gushing. =)

on PR.
i never ventured there since am no god, which are considered the one only worth of pokes in there.[correct me if am wrong] but it's probably for your best, yes?

on "the-new-love-team."
ehem. haha. with all the jokings aside, you both rock! and thanks to u, i get to soak on canonista's pool of creative juices as well.

orally said...

@carrie, but babe we're not the hugging and torrid-kissing kind. we only do air-kisses

Anonymous said...

Napakamalalim talaga ni Canonista hindi naten masisi ang bawat isa na mahulamaling sa kanyang mga inakdang tula . ang isang tinatawag nilang emo? o emosyonal na tao ay malaki ang pagkakaiba sa malalim ang pag kakilala sa art. ako bilang artist nakikita at nararamdaman ko ang dugo na nanalantay sa pagiging manunula si canonista . isa syang mabuti at mapagmahal na tao siguro tama ka nga Mugen si canonista ay isang malalim na tao. ako sa sarili ko nagustuhan ko ung ginawa nya para sayo magintay ka lamang sa takdang lumikha kayo ay muling magkakasama. At kahit ako di ko maitatanggi na napamahal at mahal ko si CANONISTA.

mugen ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong kagalingan sa pag likha ng ganitong kagagandang mga blog. isa kang tunay na larawaan ng sining.

maraming salamat

ako po si

canonista said...

But I don't need the same
It's lonely where you are
Come back down
And I won't tell 'em your name.


canonista said...

This post gave me goosebumps all over, and I only experience that very rarely.

Thank you for keeping your promise, Mugen.