Thursday, December 2, 2010


It is the sins of our past that keeps on grinding: the gravity becoming inescapable as the years quietly pass. The unspeakable fears dwell inside our head, and no means of liberation could drive the terror away. Guilt corrodes what is left of our being, dreams snatched, hopes taken. If not for the will to hold out, easy it is to fall down and break apart. A silent meditation becomes a panacea. Thoughts of a sunshiny tomorrow leaves the soul at peace. But when shadows lurk and truths defy light, subterranean dreams encroach the arctic twilight for a sweet slice of bliss.

"Listen," a voice speaks. "Perhaps serenity lurks at the present. Chill. All we have is but a moment to live."

The space shuttle Discovery sits like a jewel in its launch-pad setting at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, as seen by the GeoEye-1 satellite on Nov. 1 from an altitude of 425 miles

Alan Boyle writes:  The space shuttle has never flown as high as 425 miles, but that’s how high the GeoEye-1 satellite was when it snapped this picture of the shuttle Discovery on its launch pad on Nov. 1. Discovery is due to set off on its 39th and final mission no earlier than Dec. 17 -– which means it would still be in orbit on Christmas Day.