Monday, December 6, 2010

Return To Basics

It wasn't as bad when you look at it. At least everyone's got work, everyone learns to manage their resources, everyone gets to appreciate the simpler things in life. Besides, moving out entails a lot of risks - especially for non-English speakers on the floor. I would rather advise them to get a part-time job doing encoding work than compete with seasoned call center agents. There's a chance they'd be axed when the demand declines after the holiday season.

Tardiness has been my favorite vice since Mami Athena relaxed the rules on our department. I woke up late this morning after having a strange dream about the sikyu agency. In my dream, there was a boardroom meeting. The staff and the managers brought the issue of 13th month pay. It has been the bane of the company for the longest time. We used to augment our reserves by borrowing money. But in the past years, especially after my dad passed away, debts have piled up that its hard for us to secure a loan. The last time I showed up at the office, the company failed to release its commitments to the employees.

They never spoke to my family again.

I shrugged the issue like I used to in real life. That's one situation where nothing could ever be done. On my way to work, I was thankful that I do not have to live in that nightmare again. Imagine having so many lives clinging to your decisions. Nothing could make you feel more guilty committing wrong moves with that.

eight hours later

The hours wiled away and its now 5 in the afternoon. Contrary to my fears that I would get paid doing nothing, I was able to find new tasks after the agents under me were assigned to a different account. I should give thanks to my trainer, the Patroness. Without the versatility she impressed unto me, I would be left doing nothing when the account I handle takes a bad hit.

It was agreed upon that I'd be joining the training on Wednesday. As the other agents receive a refresher, I volunteered to join the session hoping to get some pointers for the other accounts. The refresher is my ticket should new assignments permanently require me to make quality evaluation that is different from what I used to do.

When that happens, I would achieve full circle in the company.

Meanwhile, while transitions at work have put me in a state of limbo, writing articles for Bentusi are beginning to pile up...


Désolé Boy said...

should i say "it's alright and its goin' to be fine at the end?"
yeah i've said it! [and sincerely]
anyway i'll share what i learned just recently from Brian Griffin: "Wish it. Want it. Do it."

wanderingcommuter said...

i know you will definitely excel on that field. best of luck kuya joms!

my-so-called-Quest said...

best of luck sir. kayang kaya yan basta enjoy lang ang work. para naman may panlibre dyan. joke. hehehe

red the mod said...

@Désolé Boy Haha. I saw that episode too. Brian and Stewie are just wittingly hilarious.

@Mu[g]en The balance is restored, or at least is close to being. Equilibrium is not a static state that you achieve, but a high-wire act you must negotiate. Without harness, nor net below. But the rewards makes it all worth it.

Times change, I'm afraid we too must.

Ex Jason said...

betters days ahead. =)

letopho said...

stay optomistic

Marhk said...

sis..... believe ako sa patience mo promise!