Friday, December 31, 2010

Triptych | Lacuna

"Write as sharp as the pen, live as clean as the page," the note says. 

As we slowly remove the ribbon and gently unfold the creases of the parchment, your gift will be revealed. More than the present; this material expression of  friendship, we ought recognize your sublime presence in times of grief.  We remember how we were introduced to you by E.  To paraphrase what he said "he took your side when everyone else was turning against you." We remember, because all throughout these years, we fought your battles, or at least shielded you when someone seemed to do you harm. In exchange, you were there in our lowest, you were our confidant long before peace was finally sealed along these shores.

And as we close the year, we look back at all the kind things you did. People may never appreciate or  realize how you mean so much,

but we do.

Thank you, and cheers to our friendship!

/me borrowing technique. scotch tapes will be out next year
/me will try to write in many styles and forms
/me will strengthen our allegiance with la roja.

*Lacuna - n. a gap or space, esp in a book or manuscript