Thursday, December 9, 2010


The newspaper headlines banner the country's decision not to attend the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway. The announcement has already ignited the fire that will scorch the government in the coming days. While we find it strange for Aquino to boycott the ceremony, writings on the wall show enough reasons as to why our absence is justified.

The recipient of the prestigious award is a Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo. He is a human rights activist in Beijing, imprisoned for his non-violent campaign for free expression. While our constitution guarantees freedom of speech, none of this happens in China. The system worked for them, conveniently, and their economic prosperity speaks of their success.

For an enemy of the state to win the Nobel Peace Prize is an affront to such government. The Chinese were furious of course, why pick on them when they have never meddled with anyone's business. Flexing its muscles, the behemoth has asked countries not to attend the event. The government still owes China a big favor. Caving into pressure is inevitable.

"We do not want to further annoy China," a senior diplomat at the DFA said.

History tells how our failed rescue attempt at the Manila Hostage Crisis almost cost us a diplomatic incident. The Chinese in Beijing hid their disappointment and allowed the senseless butchery to pass. We must not forget too that several western countries issued a travel advisory to the Philippines a few months ago. We were, as they say, a terrorist target and they could not afford their citizens becoming part of the casualties. PNoy pleaded for these countries to reconsider, but no one listened. While our tourism suffered as a consequence, Beijing quietly encouraged its citizens to still visit the country.

These western nations talk of human rights like they are free from the original sin. But look who's talking. When Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks dropped the bomb at the United States, these same countries race to get the whisteblower's head and present it, laden with gifts, to Uncle Sam.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

Our decision to withhold our presence has nothing to do with Human Rights or Democracy. In fact, the government tries hard to be fair and judicious with everyone.

Its simply politics. Period. The West has abandoned us in our time of need. Might as well show China a little gratitude by walking away at this pretentious awarding ceremony and show to the world

HANOI - The Internet and free expression have been increasingly stifled in Vietnam this year during a clampdown that seen almost 40 people arrested or convicted, the US ambassador said Thursday.

"2010 witnessed an overall narrowing of the space for public discourse in Vietnam," ambassador Michael Michalak told a forum ahead of international Human Rights Day on Friday.

"More than 24 people were arrested and an additional 14 were convicted for the peaceful expression of their views."

Free expression increasingly stifled in Vietnam --US

Last time I've heard, these two countries were planning to have joint military exercises.

We deal not with Orocans.


hot_bicycle said...

compromise. kibit-balikat.

Désolé Boy said...

and to think that kids these days dream of nothing but surrendering to this imperialist country.
tsk, my poor country.

orally said...

I also read Dabo's take on this but I'm with you on this one.

..but in the end small player lang talaga tayo, sad but true..

datu/the wilted prune said...

this is why i'd rather not have anything to do with politics. you're forced to lick ass, whichever side it is.

dabo said...

the thing is, why we can't assert ourselves base on the principle that freed this nation in 1986 regardless if it is China or US?

(thanks sa pagdaan mugen. lapit na hehe)

Mu[g]en said...


Remember the botched hostage crisis last August? I think that sums up everything. Besides, does the awarding ceremony concerns us? As far as I know, Noynoy's being pressured to release the Morong 43 people. Talks are also going for Joma Sison's return to the country.

Yup, age make us pragmatic. Hehe.

Mistress Datu:

But that's how the bigger world works. Why do you think I enjoy the company of the individualists? =)

Mu[g]en said...


At least, we know our place now.


We have always looked at other shores instead of our own. The day we stop looking is the day we will gain self respect for ourselves.


You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

Thanks for dropping by dude.

Duke said...

Honestly, I don’t know why we have to serve any master for that matter. We don’t seem to get anything tangibly beneficial to our country or our citizen. We lick their arse and we only get what’s down there. I mean it’s different if you play the role they want and you really get something out of it, but I cannot see anything we get out of our relationship with them. We get aids, dole outs… but they aren’t gifts, they are loans right? Our military exercises, we get WWI and WWII ships and planes.

Really, the Philippine should consider isolation. I don’t see whether we really matter as a country and whether we would be missed.

Mu[g]en said...


US: Outsourcing jobs.

China: 168, New Divisoria Mall products. Very Long Term Loans, bagsak interest pa yan.

Take one of them, the country will be in ruins.

hot_bicycle said...

as you can see, we have long been invaded by China. from split ends to toenails we might be using their products. ainaku, nakakasingkit ng mata! haha

my-so-called-Quest said...

so to make amends and be sorry to what happened last Manila Hostage crisis, we have to support china

hay, seems like our country's always torn in between. we owe the other financially and the other from shame.

Mu[g]en said...

Doc Ced:

We will always be the subject of the other. We are sending our people to work in their countries.

Hot Bicycle:

We have always had ties with the middle kingdom, long before the Spanish arrived.

Nielz said...

Alam mo, yan ang problema sa bansa natin eh. Para bang pinamumukha natin na, eto kami, mahirap, pulubi, namamalimos, hindi kayang tumayo sa sariling paa..

ekonomiyang third world na nga, ugaling third world pa..

rashid1891 said...

China: 168, New Divisoria Mall products. Very Long Term Loans, bagsak interest pa yan.