Saturday, December 25, 2010

Survey Says

"The more heartening part of the SWS survey, in fact, is not so much that so many Filipinos still keep faith in the notion that their country will eventually right itself. It is that their values, for all the crass commercialism of the Christmas holidays, appear to remain firmly glued to the right place. Majority of the respondents, when asked what they wanted to receive as Christmas gifts, indicated non-material gifts — “Love/affection” was on top at 29 percent, followed by “family togetherness/family relations” at 17 percent.

More astoundingly, the happy, hopeful feeling was strongest among the class D of society — the masa — at 70 percent, followed by class E (67 percent) and class ABC (65 percent). The most economically miserable, it seems, find meaning in constructing the greatest rampart of hope.

That sounds very much like what Christmas at its core — not the tinsel and the bling, the partying and ersatz bonhomie, but “the season of hope,” as it has been called, a moment of renewed faith that, with the coming of a promised Savior to cleanse humanity of its excesses, the better angels of one’s nature will henceforth be better heard, and help bring about a better life."

Pinoy Christmas
Philippine Daily Inquirer
December 25, 2010

Now we understand the equation:

We bring joy to others as the Savior brings joy to us.  We pass the blessings (the gifts were just the icing on the cake, you won't imagine the social projects the family embarks on during this time of the year)

What more I could ask, a family at peace, dozens of gifts from cousins and friends, a Canon Powershot from the favorite aunt (because she brought a new camera) and of course, Baabaa's gift, which I will proudly wear at the Encanto's Christmas Party.


Carlo said...

So true. How priceless it is to be with your loved ones during the holidays.

Sweet BaaBaa!

Merry Christmas!

blagadag said...

am happy for you.

orally said...

Merry Christmas Mugen

soltero said...

hihi tumbling yan si baabaa pag suot mo nga sa enkantos gathering yang gift nya...sarap ng feeling nun hehhehe :P

Nielz said...

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Sana naging meaningful and a very happy one yung Pasko mo. :D

Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok. lol. :P

Anonymous said...


May na receieve akong gift, isa from my brother :)

Mukhang you had a blast ah. The shirt looks cool.


wanderingcommuter said...

yihee! kilig.kilig!

happy holidays, kuya joms!