Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fit And Right

"Uy parang lumaki ka yata?"

"Talaga, as in tumaba ako?"

"Hindi naman... pero bagay yan sa iyo... Muscles." Yeah right. Like truth bends when a person takes back his word.

"Honga eh. I'm gaining weight..." Sadness. There, there. Don't be upset big boy.

At 170 pounds, the fat explosion is alarming. Pants and shirts snug closely around my waist and body movement exacts great labor despite keeping an active lifestyle.

If not for the religious but waning addiction to head to the gym three times a week and lift heavier iron plates at a faster pace, I would have lost all my gains from the work-out program.

The present built is far from my body frame two years ago. I was transferred to the afternoon shift and heavy meals were eaten only during lunchtime. Dinner consist of a drab Quaker Oats meal without sugar then workout starts before midnight. I was directly competing with my gym-buddy, El Tigre for the weight lost award then. The result was astounding. My weight dropped below 160 pounds for several weeks and despite my large bone structure, I felt good.

The combination of a fast-paced workout, (the EDT program Coach Blakedaddy introduced as the new routine, which I will discuss in another entry) a Spartan diet plan and another element, which is Del Monte Fit N Right were my reasons for the sudden drop in body mass.

Information I have gathered about L-Carnatine was rather scant and unverified. There are no scientific claims to show (according to Wikipedia) that the compound directly triggers any fat-burning reaction. However, regular consumption of Fit N Right reveals a change in metabolism. I say regular drinking of the Pineapple variant for one week results in a 5 lbs drop in body weight.

Now that I started embracing the old ways, (including the oatmeal banana diet as my carbo-loader) Del Monte claims its place back. The Blueberry-Grape variant, which is 30 calories less than Pineapple promises a swift turnaround never seen before. Forget that it taste nothing close to Blueberry, the calorie itself is already a reward.

It took me less than a month to shed some fats when I first included the supplement in my diet. Confident that a repeat performance is as rewarding as the last, I give myself a month to make a dent and overturn my flaccid state.


Alterjon said...

yep, I've heard testimonials that their weight did drop after including these health beverages on their diet.

sadly, I had to do the otherwise, i need to gain weight and mass. ;)

Mu[g]en said...


I might recommend a diet for you. It is actually my comfort food - the very reason why I constantly fail to achieve my weight goal.

Will blog about it next time. Hehehe.

soltero said...

oat meal without sugar for dinner? uggh...i can't do that, that won't work for me, i won't be happy :P

I'm 162-165 for like, forever and i'm ok with that :P

Mu[g]en said...


And what is your height sir? Dali, usapang stats na ito! Lol.

Ronnie said...

Oh, kala ko bola lang ang selling proposition ng Fit and Right. I haven't tried F&R as part of my diet but after reading this, I might give it a try.

Thanks for sharing. And oh, gawa ka pa ng mga diet tips haha. Kasi I'm also in the process of shedding my excess baggage. I took me six months to lose 30 pounds. Diba parang masyadong matagal. Hehe

Cio said...


Mas maiging ikaw ay magsimula na ngayon, para sa next summer 2011, nagmumura na mga pandesal mo.


eon said...

I feel you. I just realized last night that I have marks on my tummy area when I take off my pants, which means it's getting tighter for me coz im getting bigger. argh.

Jake said...

Ako ba yung tinutukoy mo na kausap mo sa post? Hindi ko sinabing mataba ka ha! Hehehe...

Pare, try mo yung 1 liter na Fit N Right. Every morning 'yun ang drama ko.

See you at the gym.

Mu[g]en said...


Weh! Hindi ikaw yun. Yung ka-office mate ko yung nagsabi sakin. Ikaw nga nagsabi na mas lumiit mukha ko eh.

Hindi tayo magkakaabot mamaya. Wala pa akong tulog. Mga past 10 na ako magbubuhat. Heheh.


Habang may buhat, may laban. Hehehe. Saka hataw ka naman sa merkado eh.

Mu[g]en said...


Pagdating next summer eh lusaw na ang pinaghirapan ko. Wahahaha!


30 lbs in six months is too fast. It took years before I was able to achieve such a feat!

Hehe. Walang wenta diet ko. Pamatay siya pre!

Kane said...

Now you're a spokesperson for Del Monte? =)

Hayy... mahirap talaga mag maintain ng weight. Galingan mo, tama ng pizza, pasta


Knoxxy said...

good for you!

Mu[g]en said...


I'm just doing a little experiment. You know, to spice up this little space I have. Hahaha!

canonista said...

BEST SUGGESTION: Wala nang tatalo pa sa Nestea Fit with 900mg of L-Carnitine per sachet, costs only P22 at your nearest 711 store. Fit an right only contains a fraction of L-Carnitine compared to Nestea Fit.

I lost 30Llbs in less than 2 months with this one and only eating wheat bread and peanut butter on workweeks and any viand but without rice on rest days.

I do skip ropes almost everyday fpr 30 minutes too while I was at it. Dropped from 160lbs to 130lbs.

Almost everyone at work drinks Nestea Fit and they are all saying its working, results are seen in a few days too!

Ex Jason said...

meh, trying to lose weight is a pain. one day i'll have the discipline to say no to pizza and ice cream. and that goddamned rice.

Yj said...

kaya pala malapit ng magmukhang love sofa yang dibdib mo kuya.... ang sarap sandalan hihihihihihi

kryptonite User said...

Papalitan na rin po ba ang profile pic? Yung parang kay master soltero na nakahiga? Or yung kay sir tripper na kita abs? hehehe!

red the mod said...

I need to diet. Do share your regimen. I've plateaud. So, since working out is still ongoing, the diet has to shift so I can gain any progress. Med-kid is saying it could be metabolism issues, and my body's no longer challenged. I wonder, would you recommend oatmeal as actual meals?

thing_ker said...

magastos ang mag diet. yun lang.

Mu[g]en said...


Depende pa rin kung anong klaseng diet ang uumpisahan mo. Kung gulay ka lang talaga at kalahating tasang kanin, yun ang tipid diet.


You can always try. I am still thinking about my options.

Kryptonite User:

Saka ko na iisipin kung may dahilan. Ang goal ko lang ngayon ay ayusin ang sarili.

Mu[g]en said...


Taba yun no. Sarap sandalan ka diyan. Kelan kayo last nagkita kita nina Wiwik?

Ex Jason:

Rice = Mortal Enemy. Haha.




Haven't tried Nestea yet. But if its sugar content is lower. Why not? :)

Ronnie said...

Mabilis ba? Well, siguro kasi dami ko taba sa katawan. HAHA