Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speculative Fiction

It is the time of the year when my mom would look for volunteers to help finish her school requirement.

The midterm exams have just ended. To make both ends meet, she would accept as many substitute classes as she could (roughly 40 students in each class) and teach them any Humanities subject available. The problem lies with checking the test papers. Her prime age would not let her do repetitive tasks unless she is courting a major headache. The maid was always there to help her. All she would do was give the answer key and the job is finished in less than a week. I do not know what happened this time. Word is, it was the half-brother who took the load of checking the test papers since he had nothing to do but bum around and spend the rest of the day in his room.

So it wasn't really a big surprise to find my half brother in the living room with all the test papers sprawled over the coffee table. What piqued my interest was to find another gentleman seated beside him and checking the papers as well. The guy, about his age, was as lean and dark-skinned as my halfling. They were like two halves of an oxidized apple. One look and you know they're identical.

It would have been easy to ignore the boys if I didn't ask the maid who the other guy was.

"Sino yung kasama ni Red?"

"Friend daw niya."

Friend. The same modifier people use whenever I introduce a new guy at home. The ex was known as such and so were the other guys who came after him. The half brother was not really the type you would think twice as one of us. But on the other hand, a guy who never plays basketball, never had a girlfriend and preoccupies himself with geeky pursuits is a candidate for...


And so there I was seated in a monoblock chair placed at the intermediate landing between two flights of stairs, trying my best not to paint a juicy picture of two young men who were innocently doing their task to earn some keep that I myself could not be relied on. Perhaps, they were just best of friends who enjoy hanging out and talking about their passions and sometimes even sleeping over when someone gets left behind in his apartment.

or even shack... I should stop.

I guess this is the way with non-straights. We would pin our hopes and imaginations on someone believing he shares the same values and preference as we do. We do this just to cover the distance made by our ever looming loneliness and our eternal desire to somehow connect with another.

"Funny how we find ways to tell a story." I told myself while taking a stolen shot of the gentlemen still busy checking the test papers.

"But who knows, maybe they're secret lovers after all."


Aris said...

ang cute nilang tingnan. bagay sila. i always feel happy seeing two people in love. :)

Désolé Boy said...

sometimes...okay erase that. most of the times i get to think the same thing with guyfriends i see at restaurants, bus rides..even churches.
ang ending, sa pag-aassume ko na lovers sila, maiinggit lang ako dahil sila magkasama. ako magisa. hehe. ang gulo.

PILYO said...

pustahan tayo bading sila pareho. ako ngang naglalaro ng basketball at nagkaroon ng maraming gf eh bakla hahahahaha.

sheeet, parehong twink. whew ! pakilala mo nga samin ni fox si half brother? hehehehe.

PILYO said...

wait, pahabol papa joms, LAGOT KA! baka blogger si half brother at friend nya. Di ba lahi nyo ang pagiging writer?

at malay mo follower mo sya, pag nabasa nya to... BUKELYA KA!


mikel said...

hindi. malisyoso ka lang talaga. haha. joke. pero nice angle. pwede. (ang dali mo talaga basahin, i mean yung pagsusulat mo. ang fluid lang.) :D

red the mod said...

I echo Désolé Boy's sentiments on this one. Much as I would like to be happy for those who have found luck in the urban anarchy, the other half of their searching palm, these days a pang reminds me of my own predicament.

But speculating doesn't hurt, in that it lets us know how far, and deep, can we identify and connect with those around us.

soltero said...

hmm cute yta ung nka tank top..pero mukang PLU kc ang kc mukang 2exist yung sando nya ahhahaha :P

Anonymous said...

sis baka curious lang hahaha..

pero seryoso di naman siguro kc yung mga brusko na kasmahan ko sa work ganyan din dto buddy buddy!

iba kasi tayo mag isip sa straight kasi sila wlang malisya tayo may meaning lahat ng moves at sabihin? hehehe

P.S...mukhang cute sila hehehe

Von_Draye said...

I agree with Anonymous;

tayo may meaning lahat ng moves at sasabihin.

Anonymous said...

sis like ko........ si Von_Draye kasi agreed sya sa akin lol!!


Nimmy said...

hangsweet at sexy naman ng picture. hehehe.

paci said...

la la la la la la la la laaaa..
*to the tune of that soap commercial

blagadag said...

tell mader to hold exams everyday para sight natin palagi ang ka date ni brod. kala ko nga si kutong lupa na. yum.

Guyrony said...

What ponders me is the mentality that someone might be a PLU just because we want to pin or tag him along to our world.

Perhaps. Maybe. Doubtful though.

Jake said...

Pare,I bet my entire Lord of the Rings collection. Isama mo na virginity ng ilong ko.

PLU ýung naka-itim na sando. May nakita akong hint eh. May white silky lining ýung sando nya hahaha!

Joke, joke, joke!

Mu[g]en said...


Weh! Yung utol ko kaya yung tinutukoy mo! Lolz. Talaga PLU siya? Prove mo nga, pag nag deny siya akin na yung Lord of the Rings Collection mo. Pabutas rin natin kay Soltero yang ilong mo. Hahaha!


Its because of our inner desire to connect. Gays tend to be lonely creatures.


Sa October ulit. Baka siya ang i-assign ni mudrax! Hehe. Naghahanap pa nga kami ng kutong lupa eh. Yung hindi nangangarir at nagpapakarir sa tropa.

Mu[g]en said...


Shhhhhhh... May mga nakataas ang kilay. Bwahahaha!


Uy kinikilig siya. Para ba yang yung Lovers in Bangkok? (Sensya na hindi ko talaga alam yung title)


Kaya nga Speculative Fiction ang title sis eh. Tamang naghihinala lang kasi wala akong iniisip nung mga oras na iyon. Lolz

Yiii! Bagay kayo ni Von. Lolz.

Mu[g]en said...


Hindi maiiwasan eh. Masarap gumawa ng intriga. Hahaha.

Seriously, gaya ng sabi ko kay Kuya Pwpw, lagi tayong naghahanap ng connection.


Ganun? Patusin daw ba yung utol ko.


You put words on the things I really try to convey. Thanks

Mu[g]en said...


Sige na, malisyoso na ako. Pero meron naman akong pinanghuhugutan ah! Hahaha. Yung iba diyan, makakita lang ng guwapo sa daan nagspe-speculate kaagad.


Tanong mo si Fox, baka nakita na niya sa bahay iyon. Hindi ko rin sure, pero di ko papakilala sa inyo no? Baka ikuwento pa lahat ng kalokohan ko sa bahay, yari pa ako sa nanay ko.

So what kung mabasa niya. Isa lang maproprove ko. Confiiiiirmeed si utol. Mag sisters na kami. Hahaha.

Mu[g]en said...

Desole Boy:

Hindi lahat ng magkasama ay masaya. Yan ang natutunan ko sa pakikisapalaran sa mundo. :)

Pero hindi masamang mangarap. Tuloy mo lang yan bro.


Yan ang speculation at its finest. Hindi ko nga alam kung magshota sila eh. Hehehe.

soltero said...

ahahah e kc ang sexy ng likuran ni half brother eh ahaha, sarap din kagatin ng biceps bwahahha :P

Guyrony said...

Wait, lonely creatures?

Is it just coincidence or are we just meant to be lonely, period?

That is a statement I know would be coming from you.

AkoSiMiguel said...

they look good together :)
Parang ang saya ng mundo nila..

Kakainggit :)


Anonymous said...

awwww... I like how you tagged this post as "my kind of scene." This basically sums it up for me. Heheh. It all boils down to the quest for a connection nga naman. Sa ating mga single, sige lang, darating rin ang para sa atin. ﭢ

andrew said...

hmmm hirap magdecide who to ask on a date (friendly *toinks* hehehe)...

un kuya.. or un kapatid na nakasando hehehe

Mu[g]en said...


Hala! So inaamin mo na mahilig ka rin sa twink? Hahaha!


We are lonely yeah, but we find ways to distract ourselves.


Kasi parang ang ino-inosente nila. Wala yung mga ASL, ASL na yan saka yung mga sangkatutak na kundisyones para makarelate ka sa isang tao.


My kind of scene kasi once nangarap rin tayo ng ganito. Yung alam mo na, walang expectations, basta purong pakikisama lang. They look together doing something both of them needs to achieve. Sana palaging ganun, hindi yung may isang lagi (pilit) sumosolo.

Welcome to my blog!

Herbs D. said...

well, one things fo so daddy Mugen ;)- you have to update us with his "friend"

its been a while since i last walked here. i sure do miss you :) and i sure do hope you could still manage to spend a night with me someday as you teach me your go-go skills.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, thanks Mugen. I got to your blog through your heart-wrenching postscripts to a bloodbath. It's a beautiful piece of writing. As for me hindi ko lang once pinangarap yung story ng halfling mo. It's my cup of tea talaga. Heheh, yun bang from a workplace/school or where you're usually at ka makakatagpo ng connection with someone. :D