Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Unholiest

And Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

— John 8:32

"It all began with the burning of the book."

"What book?" Kamana asked.

"The Koran."

"I didn't know there's such a book."

"Of course, it is forbidden to read its texts nowadays."


"Because religion incites hate and violence. It murders entire tribes and burn hundreds of nations. Nothing good comes out from practicing a blind faith."

"Tell me more Sahidi."

"About 500 years before our time, in a land known as Florida, a priest announces the burning of the Book."

"The Koran?"


"The priest claims he represents his religion. That he is standing up for the truth; that the religion behind the Koran sows evil upon the world." Sahidi continued.

"The rest of the world did its best to stop the priest from desecrating the holy scripture but their condemnation fell on deaf ears. He burned hundreds of Koran in front of the cameras on the ninth year after the two towers crumbled."

"The World Trade Center."

"You know our history well Kamana... but the island where it once stood is no more."

"It was a gift to the sea." Kamana was referring to the great deluge that happened forty years after the first extinction war.

"The flames of hate was fanned even further by a suicide attack on Vatican itself. We know the ruins as New Jerusalem now."

"So what happened?"

"People turned against one another. Neighbor kills his neighbor, kin massacres his kin." A nuclear strike at the heart of America brought civilization down to a standstill.

"Entire governments fell as the most powerful nation on the planet engaged itself on a global witch hunt."

"Is that how the United States of America collapsed?"

"It was the beginning of the end. Other powerful nations put their armies together to face a collective threat. Meanwhile, this land you know as USA was already decaying from within."

"So a civil war finished off the country?"

"Yes after it destroyed the rest of the world."

"Wow! Why are these things not taught anymore?"

"Because the truth hurts. Five centuries and humanity still could not forgive itself for its insanity."

"Is this the reason why we are so few now?"

"Yes, and this is why the rest of us live underground, practices a faith venerating a dead planet and celebrates a birth of a child with much joy and exaltation."

"Lucky are those who are never born in our time."

"Yes... I wonder how life was during those days."

"Read this..." Kamana took the piece of parched paper from Sahidi's hand.

Another commonly quoted passage is that we should "do unto others as we would have them do unto us". Very true. If someone you love is about to walk in front of a Mac truck and be killed, I would very much like them to yell and scream and be as offensive as they need to be to get me to wake up and get out of the way! Islam is dangerous. It's dangerous to Muslims because it is teaching them that Jesus Christ is not the way, yet he is. Islam is dangerous to non-Muslims because Muhammad taught and practiced violence toward non-Muslims. Islam is kind of like that Mac truck.

Please also note that our actions do not spring from fear or anger. We wish to speak the truth. Because we love Muslims, Christians, Atheists and everyone else, we want them to see and find the truth. You will find that truth in the Bible, the word of God.

The threat of radical Islam will be very real, regardless of our actions. Islam is radical at its most fundamental level, the Koran. Burning or not burning the Koran will not make that go away and the whole world needs desperately to see the truth.

"Sad how one act of madness had almost triggered the end of mankind."



orally said...

oh this is sick.

in 2 days muslims around the world will celebrate eid-al-fitr, marking the end of ramadan.

how ironic that while reading this i am listening to peace train by yusuf islam (cat stevens)

*that exchange between kamana and sahidi is quite scary*
ang galeng

soltero said...

The planned burning of the Koran by that small religious group in Florida is unwise and dangerous for all Americans across the globe. I myself condemn that.

red the mod said...

Its all stems from selfishness. That begets self-righteousness, condescension, and ultimately bigotry. This religio-centric view is as extreme as Jihadist extremists. Whatever happened to "seeing the dust in your eyes," and to "he who is of no sin, may cast the first stone?"

Do these people even believe that disrespect will command respect? Or that religion, theirs for one, is absolute?

Religion is a human construct. The bible is a mere translation/ interpretation of the supposed word-of-God. Religion is man's method and tool to create an order that encourages spirituality. But, like all human constructs, is inherently flawed.

If this goes down, whatever happens to them, and as to how our Islamic brethren would react, they had it coming. I just hope no innocents get sacrificed in the crossfire.

maginoongbulakenyo said...

this is crazy...

Koran is sacred to our muslim brothers and sisters..burning the book is disrespectful.

papansin lang sa media yang religous group na yan.

Ronnie said...

Oh, this is so not good. Don't they know the word 'RESPECT'?