Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I still remember the smirk on your face when I confessed to you my fear of frogs. You said how could a big guy like me freeze on the spot when I can easily squish the poor creature with my 12 inch foot. Your comment came after a toad leaped out of nowhere stopping us dead on our tracks. The appearance of the insolent amphibian cut short our stroll along the banks. It was after a brief downpour on a chilly Wednesday evening.

It was our first date on a very inconspicuous day that ended up extraordinarily fun for us. I didn't show my pleasure, and you know of course that I'm a good-for-nothing sloth who shuts down at the strike of nineteen O'clock. You chose Halo Halo for dessert while I had a Sundae Glass of Cookies and Cream. We shared a platter of French Fries while trading stories...

hoping to get to know more about ourselves.

Who would have thought remembering would be this painful - up to the last detail - even your Ondoy story as well as the bluff that you would order me to wear a toad-wallet around my neck for reasons only known to me.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Dropping by unannounced at the same spot did not prepare me for the flood of memories. My apparition was intentional. Bittersweet. Solitary. Yet it cemented every good thought we keep. I shall not pass the same road again nor allow another memory to desecrate the sacred ground that is forever mine. For all its worth, thank you for everything. I have learned so much.

A part of you will always be with me.

"Minister Leanthele..." the aide was rushing towards the esteemed statesman.

"Yes, How may I help you?"

"We regret to inform you that only two out of seven magistrates from the Havok tribe chose to join us."

"Ahhh! The Black Suns chose to stay behind... We respect their decision."

"The two magistrates will attend the covenant when you gather again after planetrise."

"Very well then. In behalf of the Star Riders, please extend our gratitude to our old comrades." the minister said. "We would also need their voice once the covenant cast their votes."

"Please allow me to ask, what vote are you referring to."

"When your high lords ask, tell them the Dream Walkers would like to undergo a long sleep."

Meanwhile, the Planetship begins to power up its four massive nacelles for its gentle push out of orbit.