Monday, June 29, 2009

Ascension Journals: Highs

The last few days were terrible. I felt like a trash. I allowed the hours to pass by surfing the web or talk to friends over the internet. I saw disappointed faces when I decline favors or break some orders the real people in power never dare to change. I was being paid to slack off. A few workstations away from me, colleagues toil to make ends meet. They fought for every scraps of workload to increase their output. They work to make a living, while I, made a living by appearing to be paying close attention to their performance.

And yet, despite my own evaluation, the picture being seen by others appear to be somewhat different from what I see. For the first time in ages, the team leaders from the morning shift never have to stay late for I always set-up my agents long before the morning officers hand over the accounts. The heated arguments ignited by an agent directly calling the attention of an erring agent disappeared after teaching everyone how to grab a screen shot of a conversation they question. They now all address their inquiries to me. Finally, despite spending hours browsing other websites instead of looking after our accounts, I haven't heard anything yet from the bosses. Even Mami Athena, who had probably recommended me for the job seemed satisfied with my work.


I have less than a month left to perform my duties before the real assistant team leader returns. After the turnover, I will go back to being one of the senior agents on the floor. The thrill of giving up the responsibilities overwhelm me. I'm once again on my own. But these very responsibilities entrusted to me are the same reasons why I am beginning to see my job and my workplace in a different light.

Before, I never bothered to reach out with my other colleagues. I had my own world apart from everyone. Now it seems that I have to be involved in their personal affairs to understand their well-being at work. Those who have kids are the most hardworking of them all. They know no rest and they never let any moneymaking opportunity slip from their fingers. One is a skinny lady in her forties. She has a kid studying in a university and another one in high school. Another is a single mother who has a two year old son. She would ask me to come with her during smoking breaks only to complain how hard life is nowadays. Another is a relative who has a son and a daughter studying in one of the most expensive schools in the city. He would be the first to complain as to why no one bothers to grant him additional accounts, but is among the highest earners from my team.

This assignment has given me generous opportunities to study different lives in a microscope. Everyone is different and their personal stories - their struggles and victories I discover everyday are enough to keep my habit of declaring a holiday on hold. It's like having your own Sims game only that instead of houses, their homes are their workstations. They have their own freewill to do what they want, but if their activities collide with the interests of the company, you, being the omniscient one assigns them things to do.


Today marks the end of the month. Much as I would like to receive a performance evaluation sheet - to really find out my strengths and failures; of the areas I need to improve; or how others really see my leadership, I'm afraid I will get none. But as a complement - that would perhaps crystallize the relationship I have with those in power - I was tapped yet again for another assignment which I have been doing since the beginning of time.

A frontman for the new accounts.

The shift ended with the boss highly grateful for the reliance I showed this evening. Not only was I able to generate a substantial earning (free of charge) for a very short period of time, the observations I have reported about the recently acquired service would serve as the framework that the other agents will follow until the client send their feedback to our center.

This account, if managed effectively might become our third largest sources of earnings in the months and years to come.

And I am glad I was the first to try it out as a Team Leader, Pioneer and as a Superoperator of the company.

The Boss says:

Galen you are mr reliable my friend

Galen says:

thanks boss

The Boss says:

i think kaya pa ng isa so keep it going muna at least for today

Galen says:

mukhang malaking service to boss
tuloy tuloy ang message eh.

The Boss says:

yes they are actually controlling it pa.
but in time it will be ours.


MkSurf8 said...

congratulations. ;-) pa inom ka naman! hehe

gillboard said...

Good job for you. Congrats Joms!!! Mahirap pero masarap yang position na yan... Namiss ko tuloy humawak ng mga tao... hehe

blagadag said...

mabruk! mabruk kathir, galen. yes, the best thing in an office work is the human bonding between a leader and the staff. working with them and knowing their separate lives strengen my well-being. well done, superhunk.

Allan said...

I believe there is a purpose for everything. And I also believe that the reason why you were chosen to be temporary assistant team leader is slowly unfolding. Grab hold of these opportunities! It may be a doorway for bigger things to come...

burger, burger, burger... :p

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

work brings out the best and worst in us. depende yan sa pagtingin natin sa mga bagay-bagay. sa iyo, you saw humanity

john stanley said...

sometimes, we only need a simple acknowledgment to lift our spirits.

its good to know that your bosses recognize your efforts.