Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey You

Remember this?

if these are the so-called rooms, don't you think this should be under the Health & Fitness section - and not A/P?

In the first place why is it under A/P? because..... taga A/P kasi ang gumawa?

come on guys - be sensible enough when creating threads - if there are already similar thread in other "forums" - we can just paste a link there to direct A/P folks to the correct thread.

1 -> yeah sleazy things aren't welcome. but no need to bragg about your "dungeon master"

2 -> what is straight talk anyway?

3 -> uhuh -> another reason why this should be under Health & Fitness

4 -> gym bunnies? playboy bunnies?

Gym experts: correct me kung may mali akong nasabi.

we have "gym experts"/gym coaches etc sa Health & Fitness - pati doctor meron din dun for sure!

we already have a "defunct Eclipse Gym thread" which during its last days the posts were merely lifted from another forum/website - come-on - save yourself some copy&paste effort a just give the guys a link.

if, what i fear, in this thread "someone" will post yet again - the rules, articles etc that pertains to a single gym's philosophy then why such a "Fitness & Work Out" thread - if the philosophy being posted is just for a single gym - which as i know is effective - but still the mainstream masses isn't aware of.

i dunno what your baseline is for creating this thread under A/P - but whatever it is - i hope your in the right track. for me - and only my opinion - this thread is an eye-sore for being under A/P - just for the sole purpose of - A/P folks created it and A/P folks will post in it. come on gay guys/gals don't have a specific need for workout - we workout just like any other straight guys out there. only dressed up a bit bizarre or are lifting lighter/heavier weights.

now - when i say this is an eye sore you might hit me back with - do those sleazy threads isnt an eye sore for you? well of course it is! but the thing is - those threads pertains to "homo acts" that are proliferating the gay scene - its okay for those thread in A/P - we are not PG here.

just my two cents.

- AP Fitness and Workout Thread,

It was the first time I saw what your worth is. Imagine, we're under the same forum, and belonged to the same group and the nerve of you to bitch-slap me like that? To think I was part of the core and had high praises the way you "tried" to make me feel welcome in that summer outing we had. Betcha dude, it made a huge impact. You've been judged the way you treat others.

I've known how you look down at people you find inferior. You can be cruel you know, especially when you have this impression that you're in the center of power. I've seen how you poked fun at others because of their looks - the same way others did the first time they met you. What goes around comes around as the saying goes. And when you found the group you "wanted" to join, malas mo, I am part of the core. You have been preceded the way you showed your attitude the last time we shared spaces.

I tried my best to overlook what you did. I even accepted their consensus to let you become part of us. The last time we saw each other, the accommodation I showed you was for real. Now to answer your question as to why you were driven out of the group. The answer is easy. Read your blog and twitter you'll find out.

It so happened that our values are so different, we actually never understood you. Here you are, sowing so many hatred and bitterness to those around you, while we (or most of us) struggle to embrace what life throws at us. We may brag about our exploits or by just merely being a buraot to each other, but we are hardcore dreamers. In the company of alcohol, we transcend the characters we play online. Now to give merits to our stand, I have a couple of questions for you:

Where were you when someone was in trouble? Wala.

Where were we when you had to deal with your issues? Pinuno told me he got tired of all your ramblings.

Masyado kang nega eh.

Now remember the last time you met a blogger? (the one you wrote a blog entry confessing your premature feelings for him because of a wretched vodka? He's one of us now fyi) Remember how you asked us for advice about your "first date" when in fact it was merely a lunch eyeball? Remember how you kept it a secret to the leader, knowing he was the one who advised you as to what to do? That, dude was the last straw. What keeps the group solid is our openness to each other. You, being a mere newbie showed them attitude that you already revealed to me. No wonder when they decided to cast you away, I just recalled the first time you crossed me (and how you hated anyone who's not as bitchy as you) and I know, the consensus is justified.

Look, we can handle identity issues but we're folksy dudes who couldn't stand prissyness among those we call brothers.

So you question the practices within? I wonder what. And I wonder too about the things you said to our blogger friends who heard your story last night. Tsk. tsk. My associates maybe elusive to gatherings but we hear many things you know. Bottom line is, we are not perfect. And if something really happened between you and him, don't brag about it to 30 or more people who doesn't know the guy. And don't fabricate stories which we could use against you.

The press release you said speaks a lot about your character.

Learn from the first time you crossed me. Reputation comes a very very long way.


gillboard said...

Di ko nararamdaman ang poot sa post na to.. Di talaga.. hehehe


Honga. Parang di sya galit. :)

blagadag said...

calm down, amazon.

Rain Darwin said...

wala akong masabi kapatid, basta ang napi-feel ko ngayon.. ako si Katrina Halinghing hahahahaha.

thank you bro, labyu.

Yj said...

aaaaaay anech itey... parang PBB.... may eviction.....


pie said...

found yah. :)

Jeff said...

sino sya

Bloiggster said...

aray! nasaktan ang nabato ng bato mo! tinamaan kaya siya?

Jinjiruks said...

mukhang iisa lang ang theme ng mga encantos ah.

Poppa said...

"the nerve of you to bitch-slap me like that?""

gusto ko itoo.. ouch