Sunday, June 14, 2009

Command and Conquer

"Saan dito ang place mo?"

"Diyan lang, malapit lang..." My friend and I were walking double-paced towards the direction of Robinson's Manila.

"Ano ba kaya mo gawin?" He asked.

"Ikaw, ano ang trip mo?"

"Top ka ba o bottom?" He inquired without answering my question.

"Versa..." I replied after measuring my words carefully. Last night's conquest was different. I wanted to impale someone for a change.

"Ayos. Top ako pero trip ko subukan magpatira sa mas matigas sa akin." He was tapping his index finger on my shoulder to emphasize his point.

I met the guy at the bar earlier. He was with someone who had the built of a bouncer but acted more of a fairy princess. Looks wise, my prospect was average. He showed signs of lady-like behavior but in a bar packed with twinks and loud men, it was easy to ignore his soft movements. What turned me on aside from his constant ass brushing against my crotch was his high-bridged nose, fair flawed skin and broad shoulders that I kept biting when the two of us became dance partners on the ledge.

He would have been a good lay. Having companions on this night out did not keep me from reverting to my playful side. He was able to sneak behind my defenses and seduce me in such a manner that I won't be able to resist. His hand openly squeezed my crotch the whole time and it made my cock stiff. He made me so horny that when my companions were not looking, I decided to accept his invitation and finish what he started.

We arrived at his apartment which is a good two blocks away from the bar. While he was inserting the key to the door, my phone vibrated. It was one of my companions I left at the dance floor. He went out to look for me.

"Nasaan ka?"

"Nandito lang sa may Library may kausap na acquaintance." It was one hell of a lie. I could not bring myself to tell my companion that I'm about to make a score. Had he called a little later, it would be a challenge to pick up his call and make an excuse.

"Puntahan kita diyan." I was deadlocked for answers. If I told him to return to the dance floor, my cover would be exposed.

"Ako na lang punta sa iyo."

Abandoning my "new friend" would be rude and inappropriate. Though it was he who teased me at the bar and offered his place, I snapped at his bait and allowed him to toy with the idea that I'm game. I did respond to his advances by squeezing his butt cheeks and grinding my front against his behind. We were doing a frottage under the cover of other dancers on the ledge. Unfortunately for him, having this penchant for suddenly chickening out of a bed fight after seducing my adversary and giving all the impression of being a naughty partner remain a cruel pattern that needs to be changed.

The Maria Clara maneuver might have stemmed from past invitations that I declined out of petty reasons. It might have been a noble move for those advocating chastity, but had the sudden back-out been done to me, it must surely be a disappointment.

The presence of companions also had their part on weighing down my actions. We went to Malate to go clubbing and have fun. To fuck around wasn't really the ending we sought. Being the seasoned party boy among my new recruits, I was aware that I should set an example; that I could not revert back to the untamed Galen who never care a damn if he made out in public with his dance partner.

Had I went clubbing alone, things would have ended very differently.

I was already walking towards the bar when I realized that I haven't told my friend of my hasty retreat. Turning my head towards his direction, I saw him standing at the middle of the road. Perhaps wondering why I had to leave.

"Dude balik ako sa bar, my companion is waiting. Pasensya na." I went back to explain my situation.

"Sandali lang to, kahit wala na penetration." He insisted that we settle our score. Nobody likes getting suspended in mid-air, especially in things relating to releasing the urge.

"Dude ayoko ng quickie. Kapag nakipagsex ako sa iyo, asahan mong uumagahin tayo."

"Bakit matagal ka ba labasan?"

"Hindi. Pero sisiguraduhin ko na pagsasawaan muna kita." At the back of my head, all I could think of is that someone more deserving than this one night stand.

For him to allow me to leave, I gave my number in case I change my mind. After all, I still have a shot at getting laid when my companions decide to call it a night.

"Intay mu txt ko. Ako nagdala sa kanila eh. Kung ako lang magisa kanina pa kita kinantot" It was the teaser in me texting.

For some reasons, my companions figured out the conflict I was going through when I told them what had almost happened. Instead of prodding me to go back and get the deed done, one of them complained that he was starving. We ended our stay in Malate by eating Pares, Siomai and Lomi for breakfast below the LRT Station in Pedro Gil.


The sun was already peeking between the curtains. My companions have all arrived home after getting exhausted in the bar and this story have finally found its end.

The text messages sent tell that he is still waiting. He never paid attention to my suggestion to look for another lay before boarding the cab going home.

"Hanap ka na lang ibang ka-trip dude. Tumba yung tropa ko"

The one night stand I drilled into his head will never happen. Wasteful as it may seem, his lost is my gain. Having lived the cycle over and over again - of responding to someone's advances, of seducing that person until he gets the drift that I wanted it to be consummated elsewhere and then ending the deed with a bang only to lose the person after the steamy orgasm has become all too familiar to me.

Let others have my slice of cake,

for I already had my fill.


Herbs D. said... many urges have you stopped na? i lost track counting...lets go make a new one then: ONE. :-p

Knox Galen said...

Baby Herbs: One thing about me is that I tend to pull a surprise when everyone's not looking. Truth is, nagquo-quota ako ng one-night stands. That's the reason why I stop my urges from its tracks.

Besides, naniniwala pa rin ako sa thought na masarap ka-sex ang taong iniibig at pinagkakatiwalaan mo.

<*period*>; said...

you surely know how to impress me with your morals..galing

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah, the cycle is not fun anymore, no matter how many mind blowing sex we've had, what we really look for is that cuddling and sweet conversations after sex with the one we love

gillboard said...

ipagpatuloy mo yang pagiging good boy mo, maganda yan...

Jason said...

pero SOj, mas maganda kung sa pag-alok pa lang tatanggi ka na di ba?

bampiraako said...

idol.. saludo na ako. pero mas maganda nga kung ginawa mo sinabi ni jason.

offT: gusto ko comment ni max.

ingat po lagi

Knox Galen said...

Period: Thanks dude. My morals still need refinement. Nagkataon lang na mas mahalaga ang mga kasama ko kesa sa isang one night stand.

Maxwell: The very reason why Scorpion Nights exist. It's the stand-off between the urges and the need to feel real intimacy.

Gillboard: Hanggang sa susunod na mawalan ako ng control sa libido. Ganito ang magiging takbo ng storya ko.

Knox Galen said...

Jason: Maka-ilang beses ako tumanggi sa kanyang offer sa dance floor pa lang. Problema, sa tuwing paglalaruan niya ang kumikislot kong alaga, mas napapabigay ako sa kanyang gustong mangyari. Hayun nung huli, bumigay ako ng tuluyan. Isang tiyempong phone call lang ang nakapagpigil sa akin.

Bampira: Lahat siguro tayo mas pipiliin ang gusto ni max. Di ko makakailang pagod na ako sa ganitong ikot ng buhay ko.

Allan said...

mejo off-topic rin, brought by Max' comment. that would be so nice to have. i think we all like to have exactly that. i muse though that we really don't know how to properly look for it...