Thursday, June 11, 2009

Core Values

So I allowed myself to get drunk and wasted and then, after I had enough alcohol to last me a week, went to Malate to check the club scene on a Wednesday night. The dance floor was empty save for a small gay clan who decided to hold an event and partially fill the place up.

Swerving in all directions, I managed to find my way to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there were two men inside so I had to wait for my turn. A few minutes later and still they had not gone out. I took a peek at the mirror and the reflection revealed one guy bending over so his face could reach the other guy's midsection. Knowing what they were doing, I still barged in and disrupted their act for I really needed to take a leak.

I positioned my birdie on the urinal and told them to continue.

"Ano ba ginagawa namin?" Said the guy giving the oral.

"Nagchuchupaan kayo. Cool lang ako parekoy."

It didn't matter if they hump like rabbits in front of me. I was too scatterbrained to even get a boner. To be honest, I like the guy who's prick was being sucked. Joining them would be fun, but values insist that my way of getting laid requires that I do my act in private.

I could not blame the guy who I caught bending over. After all, he was a little chubby, had dark, flabby skin and acted undeniably effeminate. To practice restraint would never get him anywhere. Instead, he took advantage of the drunk guy and struck at a time when he was least able to resist.

A blow job is still a blow job.

Had it been my show, I will ensure the act is mutual. I would rather look for a private place (even at my own expense) so the consummation would never end as a lousy quickie.

"Sigurado ka nagchu-chupaan kami? Kala ko ba nakaihi ka na" His nearness forced my hands to grip birdie for dear life.

"Hindi ako maihi kanina eh. Ayos lang ako. Gawin mo yung trip niyo."

The cock intruder found my presence awkward so he left. The guy he was giving a job still positioned himself in front of the urinal apparently, waiting for his return.

After forcefully unloading the fluid that got stuck on my bladder, I went out of the bathroom only to find him waiting outside.

"Score one for me dude." Smiling, I pat his back for a job I will never do.

I reached for the switch and turned the lights off without looking back. They were already having a party long before I decided to crash it.

On my way to the bar counter, I spotted the guy's partner (the one receiving an oral) sitting on a stool patiently waiting for him to return.


Jake said...

Gsnito pa rin pala sa Malate ngayon. Hehe.

Teka, bakit ba hindi ako nasa-shock?

Rain Darwin said...

syet.kelan kaya ako makakapasok sa bar sa malate.

kuwento mo pa lang tinitigasan na ako. how much more kung andun na ko sa actual.

si Jake, di mpigilang nde mag comment, halatang malibog hahahaha. dun tau kayo sa cbox ni sistuhrette.

Knox Galen said...

RainDarwin/Jake Tornado: Hangkornie niyong dalawa. Wala nga akong nakitang lumitaw na kaluluwa nung nag-weewee ako eh. Ayaw ko rin makita pala. Baka ma-tempt ako. Lol.

Yj said...

nakakaloka naman ang eksenang yan...

kung ako yan iihian ko sila para water sports ang eksena hahahaha


Herbs D. said...

oh my. so sad...for the partner of the guy that is...

mental note: don't bring a hot boyfriend to malate-he might get eaten by sharks. whale-sharks! hahahaha

Knox Galen said...

Herbs: If you dig this entry deeper, you will find out how despairing it is to be in Malate.

YJ: Kinky!