Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Call Of Duty

At first, there was the mental conditioning. It must be the reason I partied hard last weekend. Work pressures will build up and absolute attention to details is needed to perform well.

Then there was the unofficial briefing. Consulted the team leaders I will be relieving. It's been a year since I took over a supervisor post and a time has come to gather all my strength and wisdom to run an operations again.

Finally there was the official correspondence. Clients were informed of the brief changes that will happen in the company.

First off, welcome back to [name of client] We hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Next, please be informed that our office is holding its annual Management Skills Upgrade Training for managers. For 2010, the dates selected are from March 16-19. Training takes place from 7 am - 4 pm (Manila, GMT +8) or 7 pm - 4 am EDT.

One of the highlights of the training course is a review of Quality Management Methods, including [undisclosed management principles that will be introduced in the system.] We are also going to be applying Alpha-Omega [an invented term] concepts to the managers, as a step towards hopefully gaining a higher client satisfaction index, through the commission of a more streamlined approach in our Operations Department.

Towards this end, we have endorsed temporary supervisors for the shifts.

Kindly note, however, that [name of the big boss] and I are aware of the importance of having the actual floor leaders maintain communication with you. As such, even as the team leaders are training with us, they are also keeping in touch with their officers-in-charge and their agents as well, particularly for our morning and afternoon shifts. Anyway, our Training Department is just a floor away from the Operations Area.

For our graveyard shift, [name of the big boss] has personally assigned Galen to man the Floor while [name of team leaders] are in training.

Galen would have been part of the course, but since our graveyard shift usually handles heavy traffic, [name of the big boss] decided to assign the big responsibility of client servicing to someone who has already interacted with you, and more importantly, knows the governing guidelines and materials used in the accounts.

Galen has been instructed to give us feedback whenever his shift ends. In the meantime, we also check our e-mails to keep track of what is going on.

Please be assured that your welfare and that of your products, remain a priority for us.

This is the reason I had to cut the reign of the scorpions.

Three nights to go and my temporary leadership functions will end.


~Carrie~ said...

I hope the company recognizes your efforts and promote you, coz I think you deserve a raise.

bunwich said...

mag rarally kami pag di ka pa na promote niyan. :P

Galen said...


Hindi na ako puwede ma-promote. Ayaw pa ko ready maging account handler. Huhuhu.


They recognize it. Kaya nga pressured ako to do well kasi ayaw kong mapahiya dun sa mga taong naglagay sakin sa position. :)

MkSurf8 said...

3 more nights and the scorpions are back

JR said...

panira talaga ng scorpions ang career!...kaya ako, iwas muna sa career hahaha

Galen said...


Fearless forecast: Late May to Early June na yun.

Unless bigla akong umibig at out of the blue maging officially taken.


Hahahaha! Hindi ko matatagalan magpaturok sa alakdan.