Monday, March 15, 2010

Ring Of Fire | Mad Season (First Part)

It ain't easy to let junior do the dealing, for it would take a single day and a single night to keep his little pisshole from talking.

Weekend morning. I went home empty handed after Brent pulled-out from our "academic" session. It didn't discourage me from dancing with scorpions because my supposed-to-be partner's need was already passed on to me. I went to my room not to rest but to go online. Logging in at MIRC, my mating call echoed my rage. I was horny. Invitations flooded in after showing my provocative photos. One prospect lives a block away and I was ready to storm his fort when he said:

"Versa ako eh. Okay lang kahit fuck mo ako."

What the fuck! All I need was a good pounding. Something that would make me cringe (out of pain or guilt) for a long time. His pictures doesn't look imposing, no wonder he was willing to be dominated. Remembering a tropa who never hunts just for the sake of having a prey, I backed out from the dealing. Instead I just had this sexy chat conversation with an American call center boss who goes insane when someone "rides his horse."

Noon came and I was back online. There's another neighbor in need to get laid. The bed preferences were clear so a deal was struck. His place. Meet-up was at a convenience store next to our street. He showed up and his looks reminded me of Mr. Big - Carrie Bradshaw's husband. Built-wise, he failed. I'm searching for someone leaner. Physical attributes, average. He's not the ER type which makes junior drool. But as they say, lamang tiyan na rin yan. At least the itch would be taken away for good.

However, Mr. Big slipped some new clauses which were previously not part of the deal. He said his brother had just arrived and his place would be unavailable. He suggested a nearby Chowking as an alternative. Now I'm not surprised why a playmate suggested the place after our game of seduction was cut off inside the FX last year. Something mysterious really happens inside its bathroom cubicles, which I am not keen to explore.

I told Mister Big that I don't do it in a fastfood restaurant. He then suggested a cockroach-infested motel nearby. He will pay for our short-time stay. I countered his proposal by telling him that I could check-in with a different guy, if that's the set-up I have in mind. We decided to have a stroll to think of other ways to do our bidding. But when he ran out of ideas, he suggested to do it in my place instead.

I declined.

His method of changing the venue instead of sticking to the original plan reminds me of someone. I slept with this guy many years ago. He was a neighbor too, and our previous agreement was to do it in his place. Same story goes, a sibling suddenly returned home and his room would not be available. I had no choice but to invite him in my room instead. We did it and his performance was highly disappointing.

Would you enjoy a guy who ejaculates prematurely?

Staring at my eyeball, his shabby hair and rounded body hint of poor maintenance. His tired face and heavy gaze watermark a busy life. The guy I invited home was fit, confident and domineering. The eyeball was domineering, but the confidence he once possessed is something I now own. He was me and I was him. Now that our roles have changed, I decided to call the shots myself.

"Sabihan mo na lang ako kapag okay na yung place mo. Magpapakasarap tayo." He was nudging the thing between my legs while describing in details at how he would trash me.

"Tama na. Wala akong suot na briefs pare." I complained. It would be difficult to get up from our seat should he go on with his description.

Eventually, the agreement was broken when Mister Big surrendered to the scorching heat. It was already past one and bedtime was still a long way.

The scorpions were going insane.

And yours truly remains tigang.



Anonymous said...

bongageous ka talaga sis! kaloka mga anik anik mo? wish ko lang tularan ang yapak mo........kung maibabalik ko lang hahaha lol!!

lam mo naman strict ang parents ko lol!!


~Carrie~ said...

bakit di ka mag-moderate ng comments section, Galen?

Read this:

Eternal Wanderer... said...

too. much. info.


john stanley said...

bakit kapag nagsulat ka ng ganyan, ok lang?

bakit kapag ako, sinasabihan akong marumi?

it's unfair!


Galen said...

John Stan:

Kasi seasonal lang ako magsulat ng ganito. Besides, wala namang nauuwi sa seryosohan eh kaya okay lang. Hahaha!


Until it gets serious, okay lang maging graphic. Pero kung talagang totoo na. Medyo wordplay na itu!

Galen said...


Pag-iisipan ko. Hindi naman ganun kalaki ang traffic ko eh. Hehehe.

Kilala ko pa yung mga regular na nagcocomment sa blog ko.


Hoy, baka gusto mong isiwalat ang kuwento mo ha! Mas palaban ka sa akin!

Tristan Tan said...

Madumi kayo pareho @john_stanley and @galen. Ako lang ang malinis. hahaha.

Galen said...


Ikaw ang idol ko sa kalinisan! Hahahaha!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

John Stan: e kasi naman, alam ng lahat na mahalay ka. tapos magsususlat ka pa g kahalayan mo.

double whammy kung double whammy ang usapan! lolz

Galen said...


Hindi naman redundant si John Stan ah! Pero tama ka, sa numbers game, mukhang kulelat pa rin ako. Nagkakataon lang na mas graphic akong magsulat pag panahon ng kabilugan. Wahahaha!