Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ubos-Lakas Strategy

Regulating one's urges is never easy, especially when you have lots of energy to spare. However, I learned that there's a way to route the scorpions and it involves beating the master the moment it get's stiffy:


The return of the scorpions was announced. Took out MIRc to cut my online sources of temptation. Five Rounds.


Busy with re-training the agents the entire day. Heavy work out left the body fatigued. Zero.


Discovered a PinoyM2M video website. Mistakenly thought Serendra Boy was up for a spar. Four Rounds.


Still recovering from yesterday's naPALM bombing, the master hardly responds to stimulus. Must be a sign of getting old. Or the Scorpions were not as strong as I thought they were. Funny, I'm writing about some very private details that should be kept under wraps. But here I am, confessing my perversion.

It's a Friday and I committed myself to go on the graveyard shift just to look after Princess' work. It's not really an official business but an excuse to go out on a good night.

A good party night.

I try not to put expectations. But it will be a battle between urges and self-control should I push through with my plans. Let's see what happens when daybreak comes.


Menthos said...

Can't wait for the "daybreak" special :)

lupin the 3rd kind said...

Thank u, for looking after me.. huhuhu cenxia na mediyo mabagal pick up ko 2 days nakong walang tulog!!!
guiness book to para sakin. Thank u bro!

Jinjiruks said...

pa share naman ng website na yan. nde kaya puro Thai lang yan?

JR said...

hoy kasalanan ka sa akin...ipinagkanulo mo ako ...kaya sana di ka makapag control...nyahaha

datu/the wilted prune said...

whats the website? >:)

Galen said...


Mistress, I'm not really sure if its Sa ibang computer ko kasi binuksan. Hehe.


Enjoy na lang sa iyong Friday night. Hahahahaha!


Enjoy. Yung website ay

Galen said...


Sana ay natulungan ka ni ATL diyan. Personal kitang pinagbilin sa ating kaibigan.


I will try to write about it. Have a great saturday!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i'm impressed. haha