Monday, March 8, 2010

Sun Lounge

My back reclines against the soft cushion until my head slowly rests on the pillow. Rubbing my cheeks on the smooth surface, I could stay glued on my seat until the searing heat gives way to the soothing late afternoon breeze. A few sips of the organic tea and my attention turns toward the red couch beside me. It looks exactly the same as mine, except it is occupied by a fair, long-haired lady with sunglasses shading half her face. This pretty young lady appears drowned in thoughts while reading a paperback novel. On her wooden coffee table lies a half-empty frozen blueberry yogurt in a cardboard bowl. Tucked between her flimsy leg and the linen fabric is a handbag whose leather strap peeks just above the armrest. Her regal aura hints of an opulent life. She must be a denizen of that upscale place.

The red couch sits on a sundeck high above the mall. It has a commanding view of the green oasis, whose verdant canopies and graceful palm trees filter the sunlight beaming down to the cafes below. The deck is a favorite corner among the customers of the adjacent frozen yogurt place. Its not surprising for someone to wait forever before the previous occupants of the couches to leave.

And on the first time of learning this place, I was lucky. I chanced upon my spot just when its former holders were about to pack up.

The hours sail away while I lounge on the couch. It was one of those strange weekends where I get to eat free food outside the house. Mom was invited for lunch at Banana Leaf Restaurant. An old friend has just arrived from abroad: A reunion was in order. Needing a companion, I tagged along and indulged my eclectic taste for fusion Indian cuisine. After the meals were served and the bill paid, they went to a coffee shop to swap more stories. I was invited to join but I prefer my mom to have a private time with her friends.

So I decided to go solo.

The azure sky scans the horizon for any signs of the clouds, while the occasional cool wind hums as it blows over my skin. Plugging my earphones to hear French Cafe music pipe into my ears, I glanced upon the beautiful people around me, while the office blocks and high-end lofts haughtily peek from a distance.

Deviens ce que tu es.

With a few moments left before I am asked to return to the coffee shop below, I put on my shades and submerged myself in sheer ecstasy, deeper into the cushion.

*you become what you are.


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

stunning narration. i felt i was lounging with you although i don't think i can do that given the present temperature. haha

Mac Callister said...

great post again...

never had indian food though,to think na andami kong kasamang indian dito sa work LOL

red the mod said...

Vivid. Like a dream, a lifestyle aspired for, but moreso the tranquility of a lazy afternoon we all yearn to have. An oasis amidst the bustle of this urban wasteland. That patch of verdant earth in the consumerist ostentation of our shopping malls. We sit back, we breathe, we close our eyes and salute the dawning sun.

Thinking, I could be up in the mountains, or out on the beach, I could be one with the sky, and the soft earth surrounding and embracing.

I become the sky, and the canopy of chroma my veil, I become the wind ethereal and free. I become tranquility and peace. I become my dream, and my dream becomes a fleeting reality.

Even for a moment, until reality texts me to return.