Thursday, March 4, 2010

False Advertising

Tired of competing against other Pinoyexchange members posting their naked, headless avatars, I decided to replace mine with a stolen picture from another forum. The tambayan was the AP Fitness and Workout Thread. It's the place where gym bunnies converge and discuss their fitness activities. The regular thread posters would mostly share their knowledge about workout. They would post their gym program and excerpts taken from fitness websites addressing issues ranging from nutrition to supplements. To give credence to the one parting advice, members would resort to enhancing their avatars with pictures showing a muscular part of their body.

As conventional gay wisdom tells, any picture of a naked muscular guy will attract attention. No wonder, the thread is one of the most viewed pages in the Alternative Preference Sub-forum. My guess is that after half of the active members decided to take off their clothes to show their nakedness, the readers came in droves. I used to love getting naked in my avatar before. However, when the slimmer ones started joining the discussion, I felt ashamed using my shirtless photo. Finding no match against members with toned bodies, I decided to dress up and stay in the sidelines.

I found peace in letting the hot ones hoard the spotlight. The guys who frequent the thread knew me and there's no point in rubbing my credibility. Occasionally, a drifter would post inquires about fitness and being the most experienced among the bunch, I would usually be the first to answer the questions.

The order of things would have remained static, if not for a new change of avatar that left some guys laughing.

Apparently, the guys could not imagine me fitting into the image of a classic porn star. Combine this with a previous testimonial exalting my gym in another thread:

And even I could not keep myself from bursting for what I did.

Its a good thing the Head Coach hasn't discovered my new avatar yet. How can I convince new members to sign up if the result of working out in Eclipse would make me look someone like Ron Jeremy.

To find out where I got Ron Jeremy's photo, click here.


Niel Camhalla said...

Haha. I use mine to mock them. :)

~Carrie~ said...

Kaw talaga, misleading avatar mo eh! :p

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

bwahahahahaha!!! natawa ako dito!

Manech said...

Cute guy. Hehe.

Menthos said...

Nice post.

But as a friend once told me, PEX is a very ruthless and cutthroat place that I should never step into.

btw, he's a member of eclipse as well :-)