Monday, March 1, 2010


At first, there was the overwhelming tiredness. One arrives home from work exhausted and on the verge of passing out. The body feels like it wandered across the city with a sack of rice heaving on one's back. The blame was put on the fitness activity at first. Work-out has been more difficult with lifting extra iron plates to complete the program. But there were days when fatigue would just take its toll on the body. Lethargic, I would just lie in bed and sleep all day.

Then there was the unquenchable thirst. Understandable that in the hot summer months, the body requires more fluids to keep it moist. It was the reason for paying no worries when the parched throat demands more water. However, when the demand for choco milkshake has become more frequent, the addiction was tolerated. The milkshake passes down the throat only once at the end of the day.

Having more fluid results in more trips to the bathroom. Still it was no cause for alarm. The body merely releases water from its Kidneys, which is good. The toxins it carry get flushed down the toilet. However, when the insatiable appetite comes into play, (which I always thought was seasonal, for there are weeks when I seldom eat at all) and the deeper wounds take weeks before it completely heals (on second thought, I cannot recall the last time I had a serious cut)

One has to pay close attention.

For when you know the condition runs in the blood: A genetic flaw coming down from the ancestors who walked away from this world through such defect. When the parents have it and you were warned long long ago that its effects will be much worse than the family line before you, a trouble awaits when one lazy morning, your mother tells you.

"Anak kailangan mong mag-cut down sa matamis."

"Bakit Ma?"

"Diba ikaw yung huling nagbanyo kagabi? Nilalanggam yung ihi mo."