Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Return Of The Scorpions

Must be the scorching heat making temperatures rise. The frisky skin aches for contact to scratch its carnal itch. Nerve endings hunger for sensation - a sting - a hard matter - a good pounding - to fill its lustful appetite. The oppressive hold weakens, the body wills itself to go to war.

It's been two months since this longing last appeared. The chilly December encounter has suppressed the need long enough for starvation to build up. We thought mind control would take effect, but human nature prevails. All we can do is poison the senses with fear and reason believing it would be swayed to listen.

Injecting anti-libido video footage. Remember the sexcapades. Altarian maneuver commencing.

Altarian maneuver successful. The urges retreat.

Sir. The scorpions are still on the rebound.

Let's repeat the process.

But how long must it have to be this way? Why do we resist when it is one of the essences of living? Lust is too short to be suppressed and to eradicate sensation would be too impossible to achieve. Yet, how do we reason when the need has been filled? How do we kowtow to the fear when psychosomatic recollections begin invading? How do we live through the haunting, the guilt and the regret long enough for a new cycle to begin? How do we compromise when we know what our long-term searching means?

The MIRc has been re-activated amidst inner protestations. The online skirmishes are now in full swing. Sources tell of near misses - spared only by some timely and forceful ejaculations to call off the deed. The virtual incursions might be thwarted but the earthen lines will never be fully defended. Its just a matter of time before our urges win.

Who are we to resist a good slayer when we secretly desire to be mauled?

And the scorpions have returned. Their intensity, stronger this time around.

We hope that our willingness to resist remains unwavering. There is much at stake in being pounded and to give it up - senselessly - would be a hard pill to swallow.

But behind the wish to endure is the truth that we would soon have to surrender. The signs are there, blown out of proportion by our boldness to engage a target. It is just a matter of giving up for the right reason

and the right person.

There's no point in denying, the body already burns.

The days are counting and we ponder. Would the blood-letting and the laceration worth the trouble, or would it be an awfully waste of resources when the time of engagement comes?