Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The job description made me pause a little bit, to swallow with one gulp what Mr. Pie explained.

"You mean we have to think and act like the girls or boys these users are texting? How's that possible?" I asked the boss.

"That's why we need people who are innate actors and actresses; we need very open minded agents here," he replied. "This is an adult-oriented business. Are you cool with it?"

I fell silent after he answered my inquiry. While further explaining what the company is about, all I could think of at that moment is whether I am in the right career path or whether the company I would be joining is legitimate or not.


In recalling the events of June 11, 2005

Fullmetal Dreams

June 14, 2007

A top-level management meeting was set the other day to discuss the important changes happening at work. It involves the special account, which I handle, and the subject of the meeting revolved around the movement of agents from one shift to another. Transposing the agents pose some serious challenges. Aside from being uprooted from their respective comfort zones, the agents' personal security while traveling to work is also in question.

Those in attendance were the Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders from the different shifts, the HR Officer, The Special Accounts Manager and the Managing Director. The supervisors assured the managers of the agents' acceptance of the new policy. "It will be for their own good," the supervisors explained to their agents. After the last round of attrition which happened last month, nobody on the floor dared to question the move.

I was there too, seated at the corner and listening as the higher ops discussed matters among themselves. I prefer not to join the meeting despite the growing clout I have among the junior officers. It was my superior who did the explaining, as she showed on the white screen using Microsoft Excel the method applied to shuffle the agents.

Though the bright idea of moving people came from the bosses, the data was sourced from me. That is my job now - metrics, quality assurance and training. It's a one-man team designed to support the manager and so far, things are doing well. The agents bound for the graveyard shift were trained by me, and we know a great deal about their performance after assisting my superior in facilitating their diagnostic test.

"So kelan ang simula ng lipat?" the boss inquired.

"Sa Friday na. Kasi off nila ng Thursday at Wednesday." the ATL from the afternoon shift replied.

"Nandun ka ba on Friday?" the boss asked the TL from the graveyard shift. His assistant officer was absent during the meeting.

"Boss day-off ko nun eh."

"So si Zandra lang ang nandun, alam na ba niya yung mga mangyayari?"

"Sabihan ko na lang siya boss." I felt my superior raising an eyebrow. These past few months, a lot of miscommunication happened between the officers from that shift.

Without hesitation, I cut the conversation to propose my idea.

"Sir I volunteer to join the agents in their new shift." It was a promise given to the agents. After all, they were my trainees, and for a time, directly under my supervision.

"Tama! Tama! Ikaw nga pala nagtraining sa kanila." The Managing Director and my supervisor were trading glances. I felt being observed under a microscope.

The meeting was concluded soon after. But before leaving the room, the MD gently pat my back without saying a word.

Looking back, I made rounds on the floor under the capacity of being an assistant team leader reliever just a year ago. Hastily trained and untested for management duties, the bosses were very critical of my leadership. I passed with flying colors, and was even left alone to manage a team many times later. It was the beginning of my ascension, the smoother path before hell broke lose when I became the protege of my new supervisor.

A push of several years into prehistory and I was a mere agent on the floor. I was under a team leader, often, being chastised for my shabby work habits and praised for my excellent job performance. Back then, I was never certain of my future. I merely enjoyed the moment believing I am bound to move elsewhere should I get tired of my career.

Then and now might be light years apart and the space in between was full of black holes that could easily suck me in. The boss' approval is just one of the commendations I have been receiving after being given a management training. Though my account requires an overhaul and better quality standards still must be applied, I now know what to do, and the mandate I fought for so long is now with me.

Five years into this job and this is what I have accomplished.


red the mod said...

And an accomplishment it has been. Often we seem to dwell so much on our daily hurdles, failing to realize the bigger picture that in the grander sense of things, our smaller failures are but foils to our greater triumphs.

That life comes in full swing for those who do not lack the patience and perseverance, and sometimes stubbornness, to hold on to your dreams.

In a perfect world, we have all we want. But in this one, we achieve it one at a time. With effort, but with much reward.

~Carrie~ said...

that's a milestone. I wish I could do the same, look back while I reap the fruits of my labor.

Guyrony said...

Kudos to what you have done to the company. I am sure they now see you as a great asset worthy of keeping.

Yas Jayson said...

We measure life in different scales. Your life will always be guided for sure.

Five years and counting. Good luck :)

Jake said...

Basta, naghihintay 'yung Gilbeys sa next promotion hehehe.

Nimmy said...

naks! iba na ang proactive. :)

kryptonite User said...

Now why was that post so refreshing? Maybe because a story of triumph over a five year span is hardly common reading blog material nowadays? Personally, it's an encouragement to me who is also struggling with the linearity of time. Thanks for this post!

SOLTERO said...

hehe dami na praise sa iyo...purihin ko naman bagong layout ng blog mo haha...ganda! mas ok to! :P

JR said...

ay ayaw na rin kita purihin - gusto ko na lang yurakan ang puri mo! hahaha

POPOY said...

good job joms... maybe that's your reward for being a good Son :)

BTW: pa burger ka naman jan Burger.. burger.. burger.. burger..

anteros' dominion said...

masaya ako kasi nakilala kita

isa ka talagang inspirasyon kuya

sana magtutuloy tuloy na ito

nakalaan na ang isang panalangin para sa iyo.

panalangin ng pasasalamat

Anonymous said...

hate reading this, lol!. accomplishments of others while me here in dubai is suffering of what future will bring.

"gusto ko na talagang umuwi sa pinas pero ang hirap ng buhay sa atin, wahhhh, huhuhuhu!"

it sucks to be me (avenue Q)!