Friday, June 11, 2010


We know. Something has changed after learning the lessons of Planet Romeo. The day has come to burn the not-so-worthy bridges.

[12:04] mattdamon70: gud pm
[12:04] mugen: kamusta

[12:05] mattdamon70: ok naman. kaw kamusta?
[12:05] mugen: ayos lang

[12:05] mugen: GY shift mamaya
[12:05] mattdamon70: ah. ok. me, may pasok ako.

[12:05] mattdamon70: mamaya
[12:06] mugen: ingat

[12:08] mattdamon70: ok tnx
[12:08] mattdamon70: dre,

[12:08] mattdamon70: trade tayo pics?
[12:08] mugen: o?

[12:09] mugen: noon ko pa naman hinihingi yung sayo ah
[12:09] mattdamon70: ano

[12:09] mattdamon70: trade ah
[12:10] mugen: bakit gusto mo makipagtrade ng pic?

[12:10] mattdamon70: ala lang. curios ako ano looks mo.
[12:10] mattdamon70: mattdamon70: has buzzed you!

[12:11] mugen: kasi?
[12:19] mattdamon70: kasi ano?

[12:19] mugen: i don't get it
[12:19] mugen: bakit gusto mo makita picture ko

[12:20] mattdamon70: curious lang. wala naman masama di ba.
[12:20] mugen: wala.

[12:20] mugen: strange enough
[12:20] mugen: hindi ako curious makita face pic mo

[12:21] mattdamon70: ah ok.. sige ok lng. tnx nalang
[12:23] mattdamon70: ok.. ingat nalang.. hindi na kita message uli.. bye

[12:23] mugen: bye pare
[12:23] mattdamon70: delete mo contact ko..

[12:23] mugen: walang problema

One must consider the values of the person he is dealing with. There is no doubt the contact is a denizen of the online world. It shows in the way he speak; his impatience to get through the guy he is chatting with is obvious. Though I no longer harbor any doubts about the way I look, revealing my face to online acquaintances is a matter of trust. It is a gesture of honor, and a source of disappointment when I am forced to do something against my will.

History tells that I seldom ask for a person's face-pic, unless I accept our fate to be forgotten after our needs have been fulfilled. I take risk and effort to know a person without judging the way he looks. It is an act of courtesy, a value most of us have traded for quick correspondence and superficial connections.

Sometimes I wonder what we have lost in the name of progress. Technology has made our lives easier, but in truth, did it make us truly complete? If the trend is to select and collect and throw away as many imperfections as possible, then my guess is I am catching up.

First to go are the ones whose expectations I cannot keep.

The general rule remains: the longer I stay anonymous, withdrawn and distant to a person, the stronger my intention to keep him a friend. I show up only when needed, and in such rare cases, I seldom fail. I don't give second chances to strangers, fuck up your attitude and off you go. I will repress my feelings, and learn never to be attached.

Two in a month is enough.

The cleansing goes into full swing and we wonder, who would remain when the dust finally clears.


Elias Jayson said...

ika nga ng facebook button,

like this.

~Carrie~ said...

So ironic that we have so much contacts but only a handful can keep in touch with us.

I don't accept anymore new numbers kasi these numbers will just take up space in the phone but won't be in correspondence. My gauge for keeping an authentic number is what happens when we first meet. If it was ONS, 80% of the time, the number's disposable (unless FB kayo, still FB's come and go). But if it's a friendly thing or sisterette ang kinalabasan, may tsansang maging friend o kumare ko yung tao.

You're right about assessing the values of the person, Mugen. It is, as experience taught me, important in making lasting friendships and affairs. Besides, if the values don't jive, both parties cannot establish a stable protocol of mutual existence.

Mu[g]en said...


Exactly the same thing. Tamad akong magtext ng mga tao, at badtrip ako kapag sinesendan ako ng forwarded messages.

I hate it too when I am being swamped with messages. That's why I discourage people from giving me their numbers.

It is ironic indeed to be so connected with too many people, but real contacts hardly comes.


Lesson in humanity dude. The irony of trashing out subhuman behavior only to find you lost your humanity just the same.

jp_cardinale said...

sa mundo natin maraming taong nakikilala, ngunit iilan lamang talaga ang tunay at busilak ang hangarin. :)

Alterjon said...

Sumptuous supply of carnage, none the connection sought. Anonymity has its own advantages: it gives us eyes to see beyond illusions.

Yet another good post.

Guyrony said...

We might wonder how technology really made our lives easier.

It did.

But then again it did make us to be insatiable on so many different levels

Anonymous said...


sana magkita tayong muli...

di mo man ako matandaan pero nung una at huling kita ko sau was very memorable. sinusubaybayan na kita bago pa man ako nagbakasyon ng pinas (april 2009) at plinano kung ikaw ay makita. pero bago pa man nangyari, nagtagpo na tayong dalawa. sa maingay, madilim, at masikip na sulok sa loob ng bed, hehehe!

a dubai reader...

SOLTERO said...

hmm i think i know that mattdamon guy, nakauspa ko na yta yan sa G4M ..hehhee..

and oh, natawa ako sa comment ni dubai reader...hmmmmm...

btw, we can't comment on ur previous post :)

Mu[g]en said...


All names were changed for privacy purposes. Except the one where I posted the exact convo between me and the driller. Hehehe.

It wasn't meant to be comment. Pauso lang. :P


Sinong hindi makakalimot dun sa lalaking may kasamang pinsan sa loob ng BED tapos panay ang kuwento sa mga sexcapades niya sa Epitome tapos mura ng mura habang nanonood ng mga nagsasayaw ng Gogoboys.

I remember dude, don't worry. Ikaw magpapatunay kung sino ako sa Malate. Hahaha! See you again.


Sadly, technology has doubled our demand for material things.

Mu[g]en said...


Anonymity indeed allowed us to see illusions and not reality. :)

Thank you.

JP Cardinale:

Lahat ay may pangsariling interest. Yun na nga lamang, nasa atin ito kung paano natin pipiliin ang mga mas importanteng pangangailangan.