Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometime a year ago, I would have never seen myself getting involved in the then upcoming elections. I was unregistered to begin with. Senator Mar Roxas' waning influence (for he was full of blabber) had already vaporized my interest. Manny Villar was so full of air, he will never be a leader to me. And with GMA doing everything Machiavellian to cling to power, the choice was nothing. I was ready to leave to the hands of fate the future of the country.

Then came the passing of a great leader.

Her death sparked the candle that would light a people in the dark. Immediately, calls for her son to run for President was heard across the land. At first, I was a non-believer. I cannot understand why my favorite columnist, Conrado De Quiros would advocate such move. Was it because his recently deceased mother had awakened a sleeping nation and people will see her in him? Was it because the eloquent writer saw the incarnation of Edsa during her day-long funeral? Was it because the choice was nothing save for embracing once again the spirit of 1986?

The world held its breath - for a month - and then came the answer.

Senator Mar Roxas had announced that he would step down for the late president's son to take his place. The younger Aquino accepted his fate after several days of quiet contemplation. The path towards the presidency was beginning to take shape, and yet there I was, still undecided whether to vote or withhold my right to suffrage for another time.

Then came Risa Hontiveros announcement of her intention to run for Senator. Her chosen allegiance: the political party of the late president's son. I knew immediately who to side with. I knew what to do. Coming from Meyor's wake in Fairview, I sacrificed a few hour's worth of sleep to fill out the voter's form and submit it to Comelec.

I kept an eye on the affairs of the republic from a distance. I neither commented nor expressed my full desire to vote for a preferred president within earshot of others. Hints were dropped, occasionally, just to let those who can read understand my sympathies. I knew people would question once they found out who my real candidate was.

Shunning myself from the televised debates kept me from getting distracted. I stuck with Inquirer and the Kapamilya Network, two media giants whose president preference were obviously biased. The boss was the number one campaigner at work, and despite the economic woes we faced last summer, uniting under a single candidate was our secret relief. Mom had always been one with the civic leaders. I was her escort whenever she met them for social functions. You get to hear things running down the grapevine, at the very least, news were favorable to my candidate.


Votes were cast after a day-long grueling journey to fill out my ballot. The surveys were right, my candidate was bound to win. Fifteen Million souls, all placing their hopes and dreams to a single man made the difference. Not even Erap could conjure the legend this time.

And as the country prepares to witness his becoming tomorrow, one last look at the past is all it takes to realize the roles we play. All it takes is a single event. A reason for change. A revolution encompassing all humanity to be fought. And a transformation will happen. Who would have thought the "Abnoy" would become the President: That he would be trusted with the most sacred duty to bring a dying land back to life?

Things will remain still, and the affairs of the state will be varied and sundry. GMA will still roam free six years from now. Unloved and unforgotten, history will show her kindness many years after her bones have turned to dust. Teodoro, Hontiveros, Roxas and Madrigal will be elected Senators. They will all join the circus bringing insanity in the legislature into new heights. As for Noynoy, I see him accomplishing little during his term, but he will be loved like his parents are. Accomplishing little will never be an issue, not even a footnote in the grand scheme of things.

What he will bestow to a grateful country is a sense of belonging: an undeniable feeling of pride among its citizens.

Because after nine years, we are a nation again.


SOLTERO said...

hope he can be a better president than his predecessors. wish he can unite the country and lead inang bayan to a better ad brighter future.
she deserves to shine again!

orallyours said...

very heartfelt post. i like it. i've read the open letter written by f sionel jose to noy, i hope he would heed some of the advice

Mu[g]en said...


Everyone seem optimistic these days. I try to put my expectations low, but with 15 million voters, (and probably 10 million more who were happily content to see him win) he owes everything to the country.

Let's see if he will become a servant leader.


Thank you. I was at the Quirino Grandstand earlier this evening trying to feel the ground before the historic inauguration tomorrow.

Sobrang liberating yung feeling! Its like you can walk around and people won't mind even you're at the grandstand itself.

PILYO said...

i'm afraid noynoy can't make of what he'd promised as GMA's deficit ballooned to 350 billion pesos.

ninakaw muna ni GMA ang lahat ng pera ng bansa bago umalis ng malacanang.

poor philippines.

Mu[g]en said...


That's why we have to put our expectations low. Madidisappoint tayo ng husto kapag tinuring natin siyang si Superman.

PILYO said...

i miss u papa joms hehehe, inuman tayo bago ako bumalik sa bicol.

Mu[g]en said...


Misshu too papa rain! Ganun, talagang boy uragon ka na ngayon? Huhuhu!

mel beckham said...

I really hope Noy will be a successful president. I wish he won't end up like Obama, too much hype then, now unpopular.

Anonymous said...

im hoping for the best too. you are right keep your expectations low para there will be a wonderful surprise kung mabago nya ang pinas. Mawala lng mga corrupt ayos na tau.


Désolé Boy said...

love this!!hmmnn bago layout ah..ngaun lang kxe ko ulit naka-visit!

Mu[g]en said...

Mel Beckham:

I didn't know Obama being hated in America. Would you tell us why?

Unknown Danger:

Lets hope for the best, and put our expectations low.

Desole Boy:

Tagal mo nga nawala. San ka ba nagsuot? Lol.

Yas Jayson said...

these are well crafted words. we have now a reason to be a nation again.

blog on.

Mu[g]en said...


Probably i'm inspired. Hehehe. Thank you!

Désolé Boy said...

@Mu[g]en<<out of town eh..ako kanina nasa inaguration [lumalagare]kahapon ka pala andun..