Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Kaibigang Oso

Kung hindi lang ako taken noon,
mahuhulog talaga ang loob ko sa iyo.

Nasaan ka man, parekoy,
dalangin ko ang iyong kasiyahan.

November 3, 2007
Kaibigang Oso
Fullmetal Dreams

It was late afternoon of last year. The sun's rays bounced from one of the older buildings that line the stretch of Quezon Avenue. The dance of light and shadow created a surreal image that led my thoughts to wander. It was a long day, and I was heading back home to take my well-deserved rest.

I was inside an FX, seated just behind the driver. Since there was no music playing on the speakers, the tracks from my mp3 player piped music in my ears. As the FX smoothly made its way towards Espana, the alternative songs I hummed reminded me of how different I am from other guys. Instead of raving about Regine or Beyonce, I spoke of Our Lady Peace and Powderfinger. I haven’t met anyone who has the same taste when it comes to my music.

I might never meet one at all.

I gazed at the passing cars opposite our direction and wondered whether someone out there would one day sing to me a Goo Goo Dolls or Dishwalla song. I swear that the moment he does, I will kiss him and thank him for making me realize

I am not alone.

kaibigang oso says:
kakantahan na lang kita..

Mugen says:
sige kantahan mo ako

kaibigang oso says:
"wish i could be...every little thing you wanted.."

kaibigang oso says:
"all the time.."

kaibigang oso says:
"ohh!! wish i could be every little thing you wanted...all the time.."

kaibigang oso says:
"dont give me up, dont give me up tonight.."

kaibigang oso says:
hehehe u know this for sure

Mugen says:
Fuck man!

Mugen says:

This morning, I was talking to a friend over MSN when he suddenly told me that he would sing a song to save me from boredom. Since our conversation went from being candid to naughty all morning, I thought he would just pick a cheesy song he just heard from the radio.

I never thought he would sing to me Every Little Thing.

He never finished the song, for I was sending him confusing and non-sense comments after figuring the title. He was asking about my reaction but all I could give was an incoherent reply.

The conversation eventually shifted elsewhere, but the song was retained in my head. I never thought he would actually fulfill my wish and what’s so sweet about it is that he never knew I kept a secret promise to myself.

kaibigang oso says:

alis ka na? Beso muna!!

I know we are friends and lessons remind me that I shouldn't cross lines. But if I would be very honest with what I feel,

Crush pa rin kita hanggang ngayon

I could actually give him more than what he asked.