Thursday, June 17, 2010


Had my late snack - slash - lunch at Kowloon House in Cubao after my Pag-Ibig was approved. The bid to secure the loan, which will boost my already dwindling savings was accomplished in part due to a little theatrical performance which the officer found believable.

"Sir, nanggaling po kasi ako ng clinic, medyo mahaba po ang pila kaya ngayon lang ako nakabalik." The stub read I'm the 260th applicant. The number flashing on the screen showed that they are now serving the person with the 360th stub.

"Clinic talaga ha?" His reply had an air of doubt.

"Opo..." To add to the make believe, I tried to cough occasionally, while giving the impression that I was feeling weak.

The ruse was a success and the application process didn't last an hour. The truth was far from the mischievous excuse. I was in UP trying to beat the deadline for my special subject enrollment. The bid was a success, too, only after trudging my way from the CAL Building to the Shopping Center and back to the CAL Building under a fiery sun. The European Languages Department requires the official receipt.

Returning to Pag-Ibig, I was persuaded to make a stop-over at my spiritual retreat in Katipunan. The place, being more identifiable with pilgrims seeking divine favors by sending a basket of eggs to the nuns, is more of a sanctum for me. However, procrastination got ahead and I had decided to make arrangements with the loan officer instead.

"Maybe I could squeeze some time after all my goals have been met." So I thought.

But the universe retains its air of mystery and the unfathomable was watching my every move. For some reasons, the jeep I rode at P.Tuazon turned left to Aurora (instead of going right to Bonny Serrano and into my next destination) to bring me back to where the pilgrimage began.

Alright I was in Katipunan - the other side of Katipunan that is.

Smiling at the heavens, I knew what the message was. There is always time to accomplish the earthly needs. Meanwhile, it wouldn't hurt to give thanks for the favorable winds billowing my sail despite the odds against my expedition.

Drawing the Bible and the wooden rosary from my bag, I went inside the sanctum to have a heart-to-heart talk with my creator.


Nimmy said...

it's always nice to slow down a bit and give thanks to Him. :)

Désolé Boy said...

it was so nice to hear this from you...mas like na kita..hihi


canonista said...

You have been posting such refreshing and significant things lately. Keep it up and always look within, God is in all of us.

God Bless you Mu[g]en

~Carrie~ said...

It's a message that you wisely heeded. You'd be blessed even more.

john stanley said...

mabuti naman at nakadalaw ka ulet kay sta. clara...

Mu[g]en said...

John Stan:

Not as frequent before, but I do have my secret trips. :P


A friend said angels speak to those who listen. Probably that's what I did.


After the blazing heat of the summer comes the refreshing rain. I maybe a little withdrawn these days, but I'm at peace. :)

Mu[g]en said...

Desole Boy:

I was more spiritual several years ago. The Ahya story (last part to be written) broke my serenity.


Really had no plans of slowing down. It just so happened. I guess that's what you call miracle.

Mac Callister said...

ginagawan ka ng paraan para talaga dumaan dun hehe.good for you to take notice.

Guyrony said...

Every once in a while we go back to being who we were before we became what we are.

Elias Jayson said...

i always find solace in that little piece of heaven too. malapit lang kasi sa amin.

i knew the places you have mentioned. diliman is also a piece of heaven for me. ilang taon na din akong ampon nito :)

it is very seldom to read posts like this. you are really an exceptional creation.

keep blogging. :)

Mu[g]en said...

Mac Calister:

You heed those whispers only when your mind stays serene.


I agree. What you are seeing these days are the best parts of me. :)


Thank you for the kind words. Like everyone, I too have two polarities.

JR said...

Amen! yun lang! baka madumi na naman lumabas sa comment ko ;-)

so virgin ka na ulit? jk di talaga nakatiis haha

SOLTERO said...

GOOD BOY MUGEN! (don't laugh now, but i go to church 2x a week heheh)

Mu[g]en said...


Uu naman! Virgin na virgin na ulit. Tagal ko na walang turbo ranger eh. Hahaha!


Pramis di ako tatawa, roll eyes na lang! Hahaha! Sus, manyak ka lang, pero it doesn't mean you're a bad person.