Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summit Ridge

There is always a first time for everything:

A first time to gaze into a rumbling volcano at the heart of a placid lake on a floor to ceiling window.

A first time to lie in a soft bed and be covered by a thick warm blanket.

A first time to watch the evening news on a 32-inch flat screen television.

A first time to have an evening shower with warm water flowing down from the nozzle.

A first time to have a sumptuous breakfast meal in a hotel her feet has never set foot before.

There is always a time for everything and I gave them my best shot. For when the sun rises and the make-up artists and well-wishers arrive; when the bridal car shows up at the lobby and the slow drive to the church begin; when the groom finally takes the hand of the bride, thus changing our lives forever.

That is when our moment ends.

Meanwhile, as the affectionate Tagaytay fog wraps us in its cold embrace, we will share the night together,

the three of us,

as a family living under uncertain times and uneasy peace.

For one last time.

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Mu[g]en said...

"Sabi ng kapatid mo, dun na lang tayo mag-book ng room sa Microtel."

"Microtel? San yun?" The name of the hotel reminds me of Sogo, the infamous place where I did some of my nasty quickies a long time ago.

"Basta madadaanan rin natin yun!" I decided to withhold my questions anymore. I was having doubts checking the place out. Meanwhile, Hotel Kimberly suddenly came into view.

Its serene atmosphere convinced me to check the room rates. Besides, my mom needs to pee so I asked my cousin to accompany her to the bathroom.

"2,500 a night? Yun yung walang dinner and breakfast right?" Their deluxe bedroom was within my budget. But somehow, entering the hotel's empty lobby convinced me to push the bar higher.

15 minutes later. In another hotel overlooking the lake and the volcano.

"Ma, okay ba sa iyo yung room na pinakita ko? Maganda yung view dun, puwede pa kayo mag-reflect if you want."

"Kaya ba ng budget mo?" Her doubts has put up my most defiant smile.

Drawing the Visa from my wallet, I booked a room that same afternoon.