Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Half-Year Assessment

Revive the plants in front of the house and turn a part of the compound into an ornamental garden. Relearn to play the Piano and perform Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Clint Mansell's Together We Live Forever on a cloudless daybreak. Cut down on food binging. Drink more water. Be more driven to go to the gym and drop the body weight to 160 before summer. Read more books. Watch more intelligent movies. Go green. Save fuel by turning off lights when not used. Go green. Cut down on plastics by carrying few things brought from convenience stores with bare hands. Learn to be bold. Worry less of the consequences of errors that were made. Assume responsibility of the household. Never wait for the utol to make a move. Sing more often. You have the voice. Drink less booze. You still dream of showing off your six packs while dancing on top of the ledge. Get in touch with your spirituality. Who cares if you begin to hear voices one day. Find a better-paying job. You deserve more for your effort. Get a license. Your loved ones may depend on your driving skills someday.


You're not getting any younger. Bitterness has begun to coat the outer layers of your heart.


Six months and not a single accomplishment yet.
Let's see how far your journey will cover in another six months.


gillboard said...

andaming madaling maaccomplish dyan sa list mo... kaya mo yan..

Guyrony said...

A good question here is: how do you perceive accomplishment?

People look at it in a myriad of ways. I for one can simply say that I have accomplished something great by just sticking to my diet.

Wait, am I being too superficial here? :)

So many things to do so little time but at least there's a plan.

Go for it!

JR said...

Master galen - kaya natin yan...konting kadyot pa..kadyot lang ng kadyot hanggang sa makuha mo ang lahat ng gusto mo! hahaha

Alterjon said...

if time can fly, so can we. chase what your heart desires, the world is ours to change.

and oh, sing a tune or two for us will ya'? ;)

SOLTERO said...

honga, dali lng m aaccompish nung iba... but i particularly like how u wrote.....


hehe...tumagos :p

♥ ruby ♥ said...

Go go go~
I know you can accomplish a lot of things from your list! :D

daniel said...

Wow sis' dami niyan hehe : ) Pero I believe na kaya mo yan! Marami pang pwedeng ma-achieve within six months!

Nimmy said...

Go! Go! Go!
So malamang deads na ung mga plants. LOL

jp_cardinale said...

go kuya! agyu yan! =) may six months pang natitira bago matapos ang year.

Désolé Boy said...

inspiring! hehe

Asawa ni Bogs (chos!) said...

misan, dahil sobrang focused tayo sa mga ginagawa natin, nagiging invisible na sa atin ang mga accomplishments natin. (echos! kunyari alam ko ang pinagsasasabi ko. ahahahahaha!)

Mu[g]en said...

Boying Opaw:

Napaisip ako dun ah! That makes sense dude. Yun nga ang gawin kong month-ender for June. Yung mga naaccomplish ko despite failing on my original goals. Hehe.

Thanks thanks!


The better sides of me bro.


Haha. I don't know what's in store for the next six months. Actually kaya nasira lahat ng plans eh dahil sa mga bagong twists na dumating sa buhay ko.

Mu[g]en said...


Kaw ba gagawa ka rin ng Bucket list mo? =)


May nagsusurvive pa kahit paano. Hehe. Tumagal sa El Nino.


Thank you Miss Purple!

Mu[g]en said...


It might be the most difficult to accomplish. You will find out in my next entries.


Sure sure!! Hays, time flies so fast, you never know what you will gonna miss.


Yung huling nagsabi sa akin ng kadyot, sinabihan ko ng

"Tinitigasan ako." Lol.

Mu[g]en said...


In this case however, I have certain goals. Me thinks my measure of accomplishments lie on what I have achieved based on my laid-out plans.

But like what Boying Opaw said, I might be missing the things that I actually accomplished. Mukhang marami-rami rin yun.


Ahehe. Madaling sabihin tol, mahirap gawin.

Aris said...

kailangan ko rin yatang gumawa ng ganitong list. marami rin akong gustong baguhin at ma-accomplish sa buhay ko ngayon. :)

~Carrie~ said...

I assessed my year with no accomplishments but being me - emotera, madumi, at makati pa sa gabi. I ain't proud of it. Though I hope in the next six months, I'd like to top that off. Hehe

kcatwoman said...

hi there. well you have a lot of time till summer to lose that. we actually have the same frustrations except that i dont know how to sing. i hope we could do all that we aspire for :)


Mu[g]en said...


Who knows, may iba ka palang mga bagay na na-accomplish. Hehehe


Don't ever think of yourself as dirty no. Lahat yan dumaan ako at one point in my life.


But it's already the end of summer. Hehehe. Anyway, let see what the rain brings.

Edward said...

I do asses myself too every now and then and try to mulling what I had done for the past years.