Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am quite impressed at how you managed to pull the strings for him to choose you over your closer rival. Your hunting skills were exceptional and the rewards of paying close attention to your prey's soft spots has returned huge dividends.

We know he deserves it and on your part, regrets would be minimal.

Patira ka ba naman sa kasundo mo sa pag-iisip, ewan ko lang kung hindi solb-solb ka sa pagbalik mo sa bahay.

So how were you able to catch his attention?

Read his profile carefully. Pictures are fine but what appeals to you are words following his introduction. He is romantic. The profile tells it. Someone who finds bliss chasing sunsets or gazing at the stars is a giveaway. A guy who longs to have kids, prefers getting hugs and kisses while having a steamy intercourse, and enjoys traveling around the country to explore and learn says everything. More than his average looks, he perfectly complements the person you are searching for.

Even if that person exists only for a brief period.

Past forward an hour after sending him a private message on your favorite chat room, the hook-up was a done deal. You sealed the agreement while engaging him in a sensible chat over YM. You said words he needed to hear and gave assurances that your performance would be something out of the ordinary. "I'd rather get laid with someone who shares some similarities with me than doing it with a stranger out of a mindless booty call," you say. He bought your thoughts and readied himself for your arrival.

Pinalibog mo rin kasi siya.

And like ancient instincts reasserting itself in time of need, you hailed a cab, went to his place, greeted him outside the door, entered his home, made out in the sofa, took off his shirt and his shorts, gave a head to his skin-full of gearstick, hurled your clothes on the armchair, spread your legs for him to drill a hole, made out again as he tried to penetrate your base, told him how great what he's doing, even if you're wincing from the pain, begged him to pump deeper and deeper until he tells you that he's about to come - to your relief, waited for his orgasm while trying to have yours, another tongue-darting action before he throws away the rubber, a yosi break, a cuddle while watching a movie on cable, a small talk about the act you did, and then you leave his place wondering if there would be a next time.

But you sense perfectly that it will be the last.

Two months of waiting and the full circle ends here. Feeling the lingering warmth of his lips on yours while writing this confession, you know its all worth it. Marami ka ring pinaasa sa chat, at sa telepono, pero siguro ay tama lang na siya ang iyong pinili.

Nag-enjoy ka naman siyang ka-sex.

At trip-trip lang naman ito kahit sabihin mong maari kang mahulog sa kanya.

Ending this entry, I suggest you move on and never text back. Take out your MIRc from the desktop, as well as the phone numbers on your phone in hopes that the boys who owned them will be the first to hook up with you.

Foster closer ties with friends,

and shield your heart from ripples of a possible attachment.

I know this will hurt a little, I'm sure it would.

But remember Knox Galen, this happens all the time. Learn.

You choose not to end this never-ending cycle after all.


dr magsasaka said...


engel said...

do you ever feel that sometimes a cycle could be so exhausting?

Aris said...

naisip ko lang, ano kaya ang maaaring makapagpabago sa takbo ng cycle na ito para kay knox galen? :)

period said...

@kuya knox and kuya aris..hmmm, am i in love?nah..hindi po...i just love this dance...i remember way back in college, tuwing magrerehearse ang lahing batangan dance troupe, talaga dumadayo ako para panuorin ang rehearsal nila ng paunjalay..gusto ko talaga yang dance na yan, lalo na yung parang monkey na sideway movement nung guy, at yung paluhod na naghahabulan... sabi ni sir rodel fronda ng LBDT, etong sayaw na ito, connotes courting and love..kaya ayun..but anyway, i think i already found the just not sure of my feelings..sabi nga ni mariah, love takes time...<*wink*>

and btw kuya knox, hmmmmmm..may gusto akong i-comment about your post, pero wag na lang muna...kasi hindi pa time...siguro kapag natuloy na yung usapan!

rudeboy said...

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Yj said...


there must be something we could do to stop this cycle.... maliban nalang kung sumpa yan... hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

kapatid, may matino pa ba sa IRC?

xtian1978ii said...

nakaka addict kase minsan kaya nauulit na lang 'yung ganyang cycle. I think, in the end tayo lang din ang makakabreak ng cycle if we want to. pero most of time, mas malakas ang makamundong pangangailangan.

Anonymous said...

if only we know how to end this cycle. actually we do, we're just lacking the initiative to do so. sad.

Iurico said...

I really like this entry. I felt that you took the words out of my mouth - only that you did a better job in expressing it. :-)