Sunday, October 18, 2009


Freedom is choice
Choice is responsibility
Responsibility is control
Control is power.


gillboard said...

nice mantra... a good one to apply specially given your position...

red the mod said...

Freedom is only realized when the burden of choice is made apparent. As beings of freewill, we carry with our existence that unquenchable thirst to gain control of our own destinies. Thinking that having choice and responsibility gives us the sense of self-entitlement, and sometimes misguided arrogance, usually coupled with the perception of maturity.

But choice is sometimes a tool one uses to quell insecurities. Believing that destiny is a fragile stone they hold in their hands. Waiting to be cut into the jewel they long for.

But not to be too pessimistic, conceding to a higher power allows us to be instruments of His divine machinations. Flowing through our veins is the capacity for good inherent in social beings, as well as the capacity for greatness. We are all gears in the clockwork of change, and whether or not our turn ticks in sync with what our heart longs for, His is still a grand design none of us will ever fully comprehend.

But, we can choose to be the best we can be. That is something noone can take from us. Destiny is a song, and we hope that the choices we make bring us closer to realizing His harmony.

<*period*>; said...

magko-comment sana ako kaso natigalgal ako sa post nung nauna sa akin kaya ayun, tumakas ang mga salita at ideya...hindi ko nahabol.tsk

Knoxxy said...

cool mantra!

Galen said...

Red the Mod: I knew someone who went out to party some nights ago. He was drunk, alone and was open to the idea of hooking up with someone just for the thrill of it.

He paired up with someone who fit his liking. The guy liked him back and he invited this someone I knew out of the bar to smoke. As they get to know each other, the guy proposes; he wanted to invite that someone I knew to sleep over to his place. This someone I knew was hesitant to accept his offer. He thought, "why should I get laid with someone when everything will be forgotten tomorrow?" But still he was horny, and really wanted to get laid that night.

Minutes passed. They both went inside the bar to take a leak - together. They saw each other's disco stick, made out briefly in the cubicle and this guy invited this someone I knew to his place for the Nth Time. This someone I knew thought he was already fired up and ready. He agreed to go with him.

Then, with just one snap, the guy I knew realized that its not worth it. Just when the guy was about to hail a cab, he excused himself by telling the guy that the someone I knew's friends were about to show up.

Pissed off, the guy grudgingly accepted his place. This someone I knew went back to the bar, never to talk or nod with the guy he liked earlier when they saw each other again later that night.

I wonder, does your comment apply to my friend's situation?

xtian1978ii said...

natuwa naman ako sa Mantra mo.

Dami ko kase napagdaanan na medyo wala katiyakan kung ano magiging resulta.

anyway, minsan napakahirap sa akin magdecide lalo na pag alam ko na kung ano magiging result kaya mas nalolook forward ako dun sa hindi ko alam ang mangyayari. ung wala akong control sa situation. Alam ko ang power ng control pero sarap ng feeling ng nakikisabay lang sa agos ng moment.

haay, hope I'm making sense.

red the mod said...

It does, kuya. It always is still a matter of choice. And being possessing of a freewill, the choice we make can be changed on a whim. Only, that social graces and etiquette prescribes us to be a man of our words. Once spoken, must be seen through its end.

However, when self-preservation is at stake, we sometimes realize the folly of our decisions only to retract in the most inopportune of times. If there is decency in the guy, he would respect the change of heart with nay a bitter sentiment. But, guys who frolic for the quick mindless lay aren't the sort we could call decent.

Yet, he did take his place. Egos usually are toyed so easily in places where the flesh market is most rampant. Unfortunately his maturity wasn't enough for his ego to be hurt. The reaction was understandable, and a tad expected.

I wonder if the 'someone' you know is a code for yourself. But then again, you do know a lot of people. Rejection isn't something most people would take likely, especially to those who are used to getting their way.

It applies, still. Because this 'someone' you knew chose to take the higher path. Keeping his integrity by choosing the quality over quantity. Or in this case, heart over groin.

Yj said...

the comments above, i had to read every word out loud for me to comprehend....

musta naman yun at tinanong ako ng sister ko kung kelan ang contest ko ng declamation.... bwah

Galen said...

Red the Mod: I rest my case. I'm just wondering if my friend - someone I knew met someone more attractive for him, would he take this higher path.

I really doubt, yet still, my friend knows how to pull some tricks, nobody among our circle of friends would expect.

YJ: It usually takes me two readings before I could finally understand RTM's reply. But he's a good friend, a very insightful and sweet one. His thoughts might be difficult to understand sometimes, but its a treasure trove of wisdom one would savor the moment he appreciates his thoughts.

Galen said...

Xtian: That's what my mom always tell me. There are situations where we don't have any control. Sa akin lang naman, as much as possible, I want to have foresight of things that may happen.

Going back. Mukhang ikaw talaga ang nabuhay sa fast lane.

Gillboard Salamat dude.

Knoxxy Same with you. And btw, I'm returning your name back. Hehehe.

Knoxxy said...

thanks sexy man!

xtian1978ii said...

well napansin ko nga 'yan sa mga entries mo Galen (what happened to Knox eh?). Lahat kina-calculate mo. dapat tiyak at sigurado (almost always) sa kahinatnan ng bawat sitwasyon. siguro, that is something na dapat ko matutunan.

haha kung naging friend mo ako at nakilala kita before nabasa mo mga blog ko malamang hindi mo masasabi 'yan. Sa dami ng gusto ko mangyari sa buhay ang dami ko ko gawain na as much as possible wala ibang makaka-alam. kaya akala nila I'm always a goodboy. as much as possible ayoko na may madamay sa ano mang kalokohang nagawa o magagawa ko pa.

Galen said...

Xtian: Seen the comment before you? That's Knoxxy. He owns the name way before I put up this blog. That's why I gave it back to him.

Pareho lang tayo. I try to keep my "personal" activities under wraps. Only my very close friends, or the blog knows. Ahaha.

Knoxxxy: Enjoy your Seattle vacation, happy camper.

xtian1978ii said...

ah oo nga pala pero nice pa naman 'yung combo ng Knox Galen.

lol wala nga ako close friends na nakaka-alam eh. hindi nga nila alam na naka live-in ako lol

Galen said...

Xtian: in time, you will eventually release yourself from the closet. :)

xtian1978ii said...

hmm parang ayoko pre

pero malay natin, baka may mga ka blog ako na ma meet ko someday